Monday, March 3, 2014

There can be MIRACLES, if you believe...

HOLY FREE HOLIES!!!! where to begin? This week has been the most rewarding in my life. Heavenly Father was in every moment of each day! I was praying one afternoon (imagine that?) and i was recounting all the MANY blessings and miracles HF has brought about and I felt so undeserving!!! I was doing my best surely but I had no clue how Sister Murdoch and i were having so much success. I was expressing my gratitude and the feeling overcame me that it was the fruits of all the prayers in our behalf. Tears streaming down my face i was able to see my beloved family praying together for me, i could see momma kneeling and earnestly pouring out her soul- I saw beams of light coming from the many prayers in utah towards me in Ohio. But it didnt stop there- i saw light (prayers) coming from all the temples dotting the world, from the Little Miami ward here in ohio-- hundreds of thousands. For me. For success in the work of Salvation. This calling is one of eternal nature. In D&C 50:13-24 reads we are "ordained" to preach the word of God. It is an eternal calling- for EVERYONE!! I have felt myself step from the world and into eternity and i have seen MIRACLES. I wanted to concentrate on those miracles in this email. Each experience has small and simple acts that begot something extraordinary. As you read, pray to feel the spirit of what actually happened. for I am found lacking in expressing words adequate to describe my experiences. This week we have found 7 new investigators. 3 families. and many potentials that we are working with to obtain a return appointment (people are VERY busy here) Each of these miracles happened in finding our investigators- so, here we go :) Rick- He is 60-70 yrs old, been investigating since November. Early in the week I felt impressed that we needed to get him to a convert baptism on Saturday. My plan was to invite him over for dinner at a members home and then we'd all go together to the baptism (no way getting out of going... ;) we were trying to get a hold of him and had failed to do so until saturday morning. we finally hunted him down (missionary work involves alot of stalking ;) and invited him to go. He said he had friends coming over and had to take a raincheck. My heart was shattered!!! all my plans which i had felt were inspired by the spirit were dashed- i started to wonder why i felt impressed to get him to the baptism.... but we pressed forward. We continued to talk with him and i was able to discern his heart softening. I invited him again to come "just to dinner" he reluctantly accepted. We continued to chat with him- he shared his passion for music. He impersonates Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley!!! HE is AMAZING! We listened to his music with him and complimented him and such and by the time we left he committed to come to dinner and to the baptism!! Long story short he felt the spirit hardcore at the baptism. The man baptized (Jim) shared his conversion story and Rick told me it was like Jim was talking about him!!! Had the same exact life story!! He told me as he was leaving that i had a "light in my eyes" and he could tell i was "special". On sunday morning he texts the member we had dinner with that he had a revelatory experience. He KNEW the church was true!!!!! A complete turn around just by acting on the little promptings earlier in the week. By small and simple things are GREAT things brought to pass. We are extending baptism as soon as possible. Danny & Family- On my first saturday, we were tracting (we do a lot of that..) the street we were knockin held ZERO fruits... sadness. we walk back to our car and planned/prayed. we felt we should move on to our next area. so turn the key and click click click. wouldnt turn over!! We didnt know what to do!!! ha ha!! STRANDED! I look across the street and lo and behold...... crazy kids running around with men working on their cars!! Coincidence? i think not!!!! We walked over there and approached 2 men smoking up a storm- asked for help and sst sst they put out their cigs and drove over to help. It was the battery (which we replaced and were fine) we promised to bring cookies to say thank you. SO we go back- deliver cookies. Turns out Danny was diagnosed with a intestinal disease and is SUPER humble. Was super independent and prideful- but just within the last months he has experienced ultimate lows. By the end of the chat- we obtained a return appointment. 3 new investigators!!!!!! Jennifer- Visited a potential and they were athiest... (not too much potential ;) we knocked the next door and the woman answered exclaimed "HELLO SISTERS!!!" a very surprised sister Watts hoped they plopped down from heaven KNOWING we were messengers of Christ and the Gospel of true....... but alas, they were just members of the ward :) ha ha!! Dash! so after an impromptu member lesson we leave the street and pull over in front of a house to make some phone calls. I look over at the house and felt like we need to knock the door. I told sis. murdoch this and we continued on phone calling and such. I was about to drive off when Murdoch asks if we still should go knock the door. I look at the house- i look back to my warm and comfortable seat. I look back at the house...... OKAY! i'll go!! For some reason this random house needed to be knocked. Jennifer answered the door and ushers us in the house. We spent the next hour and a half teaching her about the gospel!!!! We connected so strongly by the end Jennifer told us that we were meant to have met. And i shared my experience in being guided to her house. She is a woman searching for truth and We have it!! The spirit was so strong and she has been prepared her whole life. I from that meeting that she was one of the people i promised to find. There were many other experiences. Those i chose to share- might not seem like much!! ha ha!! not much at all. but i knew i was walking with God. I was not ALONE. I found myself driving down the street and suddenly turn down a road without knowing why- my arms just moved under the control of the spirit! sounds pretty cheesy, but it happens!!! --We had a sisters Conference this week also!! it was just lovely. I will share just a snipet that i feel would benefit y'all! At many times in our life we ask the question "Am I worthy?" Satan cunningly whispers to discourage us and have us feel like we're not doing our best or "there is so much more i should be doing!" etc. Our worthiness is based on 2 questions. 1. Are you or should you be in church disciplinary? 2. Do you try? If any thought comes into your mind that isnt consistent with how your patriarchal blessing talks about you/ how prophets have described you-, it is a lie and it is from Satan. Everything that Satan is attacking you with God has addressed in your Patriarchal Blessing. Read it. and answer the questions "I will..." "I won't..." and "I am..." Also- we must talk to ourselves like God does. That internal talk- what we say in the Mirror is what will will become. As we talk to ourselves like how HF has described us in our P. Blessing we will change- we will be more valiant, loving, confident and powerful. I challenge all who have their blessing to take the time and answers those questions and i can promise you, You will have a revelatory experience. I love you all so much!! and even more importantly, GOD loves you. Love, Sister Watts

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