Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Greetings Family!

February 8, 2014

O-lo! I finally have some time to write you all! Code: its 7:45 and my first day with free time! YAY! my P-day is on Thursday so I will get to email you then. It was super different being on this end of missionary work! I imagined Zac just waiting - begging- obsessing- over any chance of hearing from us:) but the MTC really has a way of keeping you so busy that there is zero time for that! crazy huh? Your letters are always a cause of brightness in my day - I get so excited when we get time to read them! (the movie quote advice was AWESOME! I read all of it to my district....mostly pity laughs from them but I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it!)  Speaking of my district, here is a brief low down.
Sister Armstrong who is from Riverton and Heffier who is from Alaska, are sister training leaders. Sister Stokes is from Las Vegas and Sister Blackburn is from Roy. Sister Blackburn is seriously Luna Lovegood! Talks the same, short wispy blond hair, so sweet and raises goats.  Sister Stokes is a dancer.
AND BEST OF ALL IS SISTER CHAVEZ!!She is the best companion i could dream of! She is mexican but doesn't speak spanish and she likes to joke. She walks slow just like me and can understand me when I speak with a mouth full of food. We can laugh together and receive answers from God together. She is such a source of strength to me. I don't have the chance to be homesick because she feels like my family here with me. She is from Price, UT. She is a blessing to me. Oh! and  she can tell what I am thinking by just watching my body language. Her Birthday is today. Turning 21!
I am just so happy and the weirdest thing is that I have more energy than I have had in my whole life!!! I can't sit still!! I do random jumping jacks (to much pride for jumping stars:) and dance in the middle of study! I feel so ALIVE! The studying is actually hard for me - we started at 8:30am yesterday and went until 9:30 pm. We were in one classroom that whole time! ha-ha Talk about Cabin Fever:) But I am very passionate about the gospel so its very interesting at the same time.
On Thursday I was called to be the Music Coordinator for my Zone. I thought I'd be safe from the extra leadership meetings on Sunday but alas Im asked to attend.
The food is superb! Plenty of protein and sweets. Papa Johns last night! with cheesecake! It really is a vacation here:0ha-ha
Chavez and I get each other through the day with jokes and such. We really understand each other and know when the other needs encouragement. We even finish each others....SANDWICHES:)
Were asked to study so many things I feel there isn;t enough time to fit it all in!
I love you guys so much! Not many sisters here have good support systems at home (can't imagine). Having you is such a source of strength. I know I can do it because I know you are all there. I feel your prayers and spirits and our family angels lifting me up, beaming me up. Oh and cool experience. All the sisters received a blessing at branch meeting from the district of Elders in our Zone. I was kind of hesitant because I love Dads blessing so much and the elder that blessed me was kind of a dweeb ( in the kindest way possible). He is great. But when I sat down after I received the blessing, Heavenly Father told me angels were blessing me too.  I also felt my dad's spirit next to me, telling me he participated. God can truly work through the inexperienced to bless others. I LOVE  YOU FAMILY!! Talk to you on Thursday!
Love, Mattie-Magoo

(I have included the letter the her family sent to her on her first day at the MTC. It has the movie quotes that her letter was referring too).

Sister Watts!!!!!!!! Wow! One full day in the MTC! How are you doing? How's the beds?! How's the companion?! How's the food?! We are sooooooo excited for you! As we were driving home we each had some advice that we felt was deep, heart felt, and very profound (and original) for your MTC experience! This advice will be like no other, because it comes straight from your movie watching family's heart. We hope it makes you laugh, and if you cry, it's because we're dorks.

Dad- "Big hug, little hug, big kiss, little kiss. XxOo"

Mom- "long pause.......no answer." Sometimes when you're in class you might not know the answer. But..."you have a lifetime of knowledge." Never forget it!

Kell- Remember to avoid the orange juice or "you'll have diarrhea until Easters!" You can eat the "Lord's Cheeps" though... :)

Mollie- "THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!" Unless the elder does his little smolder just hit him with a frying pan and hide him in your closet!! :)

We hope you take to heart this advice, your family loves you! We're right behind you, we're praying for you, you have your own darn cheerleading squad! (And that's not a lie.) talk to you tomorrow sweet Sister Watts!!!!

Mom, Kell, Dad, & Mollie.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Could she get any cuter?!! I just love her. And your guys letter was so funny!! I laughed :) Thanks for posting this mom. It is so fun to read about sweet mattie!!