Monday, March 31, 2014


Hello Family!!

Did all go to the General Women's Meeting???!! OH. MY. GOODNESS! I cried through the whole thing. Reverence proceeds Revelation so we sat in the chapel 15 minutes before it started. I wrote down ALL my questions that i wanted answered from the broadcast and they were all answered. Heavenly Father is so amazing. One little sister missionary in Ohio. Wanting. Pleading. Digging. Desiring. He provides the answers. comfort. peace. He is all knowing. all loving. I promise as you approach each church meeting you attend with questions of the soul, you will find answers. Most of the time it isnt through the words physically mouthed but through the unspoken. 

This is what personally stood out to me. 
-"We are daughters of his kingdom. precious daughters. faithful daughters. beloved daughters o four God."
- Womenhood is beautiful. whatever season we are in- is essential!! IT is glorious. Watching the clip of the wrinkled, matured hand brush the young woman's hair just brought me to tears. Young women need the influence of mature women. their GRANDMA'S!! I am so grateful for the examples i have in my life. I know what kind of sister, mother and Grandmother i want to be. 
- We are on a covenant path. we must press forward. It is ALL about the temple!! sacred covenants. glimpse of our eternal nature and possibility. provides direction and priorites. 
-"the errand of ANGELS are  given to women." women's ability to serve and love is unparalleled. 


This week was one of difficulty. Of awesomeness. and MIRACLES!! I received a letter from my friend Mitch who is on a mission in Washington. I was reading it in the car as we were driving to our next planned area. He challenged me to Tract differently. to talk as long as possible about the person you contact. without even a slightest hint of our "message". the Elect, the Prepared will ask inspired questions and there's your investigator. so we put it to the test. Within 15 minutes of reading that letter we found a family of 6. We have a return appointment this week. Heavenly Father guides us. He is SO involved in this work. there ARE people waiting for the truth!!

We started teaching a lady named Christine this week. She is one of the prepared. without a doubt. She is a full blooded Eastern Indian but was raised in Trinidad and Tobago. (Caribbean) She speaks with the COOLEST accent!! she just turned 70 years old. and to illustrate how awesome she is- after our first meeting with her she walked into her kitchen and literally cut her 70th birthday cake in half and gave it to us!! She is a true christian. We taught he 3 lessons this week. Tells us it "just makes sense!" Before she met us she thought the LDS church was a cult. that we didnt believe in Jesus. After our first real lesson she went on to to make sure we "actually believed in Christ." ha ha! she is hilar. She is a women of faith and perseverance. She had 4 children by the time she was 20. lost 2 husbands. and is the SPUNKIEST woman you will ever meet. 

Rick is doing splendidly. He fried us up a good ol' homecooked meal!! Fried chicken, carn, coleslaw. all the good stuff. He is so giving-- fed us 3 or so times last week. He doesn't have the resources to do so, but he always shares what he does have. he has taught me so much.

Heavenly Father loves his children so much- he restored the gospel so we can be happy. It is a privilege to share it will his children. with my brothers and sisters. to bring them to the knowledge of the sweetest truth. to taste of the love of god. the waters that quenches the spiritual thirst they have felt their whole lives!!!! 

We met a women who said God has never answered one of her prayers. It was the sweetest. most special experience that God loves us. He answers my prayers everyday.

We truly are able to walk with God. If we are willing to give up that which separates us from him. To cleave unto his word. We will have everlasting happiness. With our eternal family. my oh my. Family, please share this wonderful message with all you meet. our glorious a blessing we have to know what we know. to live how we live. NEVER forget it.

I LOVE you with all my heart. 

Sister Watts

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