Monday, April 7, 2014

A Ditch?

Dearest, Darlingest Family of mine!

What a glorious week in Watts family history!! #9 has finally arrived! Baby Boston is the cutest thing in the world. I am one proud Aunt. I have felt him with me for the last couple of weeks so i feel like i already know him. and boy, is he a GEM! Give him a hug and thank him for being my helper! :) Congratulations sweet Kenny and Brenny!! A job well done ;) ha ha! My prayers are with you in this great milestone of your marriage and E-TER-NI-TY!!!! 

Here in good ol' Ohio things are movin along! We had very high goals this week and sadly lots of people dropped us.... Agency is not all its cracked up to be!! ha ha! It really is the pits... ha ha! It is very frustrating seeing my brothers and sister reject the TRUTH!!! ...maybe they've been blinded by the gospel's pure awesomeness? ;) We can't force people into eternal happiness... and peace of conscience... and abiding in Heavenly Fathers presence.... its up to THEM! It is easy to slip into the seductive piiiiitttty parrrty but alas not much work gets done when that happens! ha ha. 

BUT!! i do have a funny story i would LOVE to share..... HA! sooo...  Seester M and I were making calls and prayin in the car one night in a Neighborhood park parking lot. We were earnestly praying to know if we should go visit a investigator who dropped us the previous day. We came to the conclusion of "yea." so Sister Murdoch flips a U-ie. (we do alot of u-ies so i dont have to get out of the car and back.. in the rain...) We didn't make it. and we drive into a DITCH!!!! and full fledge ditch! Yes. the back wheel was off the road. Luckily there was a police officer that came to our aid!!! Talk about embarrassing!! We couldnt back out and we didnt want to pay for a tow. The Lord was looking out for us and a member who lived on the next street was able to tow us out.... We are the reason Sister Missionaries have bad reps! haha! BUT. I think it was meant to be! We either weren't supposed to meet with that Gator or that Police officer needed the card we left with him ;) haha! God works in mysterious ways! 

 I have a request of my grandparents. Could you email/write me your personal conversion story and what you remember of your parents?? When I was listening to Elder Walker's talk, i felt impressed to ask!!! I want to HEAR! everything you remember. (forward on to Woody?)

General Conference was amazing! Feasting of the spirit! ...General Conference is Mormon Thanksgiving. We had 4 HUGE meals on sunday.... yummy. but wow! we were filled. ha ha!

I really struggled this week with so much rejection. yeah its not a big deal on the surface-- so what if they dont want to come to conference? BUT. it is what they are rejecting! its not a 19 year old girl. it is the SAVING ordinances of the gospel. it is Jesus Christ. so yes. i was saddened and i allowed myself to hold on to that burden. (silly me) 
this quote from my Restoration Study stood out to me this morning.
"Only when you lift a burden. God will lift your burden. Divine Paradox this is! The man who staggers and falls because his burden is too great can lighten that burden by taking on the weight of another's burden. You get by giving, but your part of giving must be given first."
 "All of us have trials and temptations adapted to our capacity." 
sooo... the question is asked. "WHY does Heavenly Father trust me with this trial?" just a thought.... 

God hand picks trials that we NEED to get back to him. to strengthen our souls.

Sister Watts

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