Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello Sweet Family!
This week was jam packed with a whole bunch of awesome. It was Sister Murdoch birthday on Wednesday! Turned good ol 20 yrs old! I made Mrs Trunchables cake and i was a very popular missionary at Zone mtg ;) ha ha! The members really made it a special day for her!
On thursday we had a specialized training mtg! The Porters invited Dr and Sis Dunn (who is the medical supervisor for 14 missions) to come speak to us about being healthy!! Awesome insights! All about how Heavenly Father built our bodies to heal itself! That we have an internal pharmacy- 90% of physical ailments are spiritual in nature. They taught us so many tools we can use to relieve stress because 85% of chronic illness is caused by stress. Talked about frequency and visualization in a medical way!! Sound familiar??? it was so cool. This is the summary:
Six Critical traits of those who maximize the relationship btw mind, body and spirit to stay healthy.
1. maintaining a conditioned body. (30 minutes of aerobic exercise everyday=sweating. weak muscles rob your body of energy....)
2. having a driving purpose
3. Having an "i can do it" mentality"
4. Being creative with challenges
5. Adding humor to your day
6. Feeling and Giving Love
As i said before- a meeting is only beneficial if you're learning from God. What he wants you to learn not really what is being said.This is my take away from the meeting.
We are more than human. We are children of God. Speak with authority the truths We hold dear. that are true no matter who is willing to believe it. Our ancestors are guiding us- they greatly desire the blessing of the gospel- salvation. Although our investigators (others) do not outwardly display change, their families are guiding. instructing. keep moving. even when you dont see progress. the game is not over until Christ has won, overcome and showed forth His mighty power. We are instruments in his hands. Change what needs to change and move forward. Miracles are coming "if you just believe".
Homework: read "the book of mormon- keystone of our religion." by President Benson
I will end with another funny story. We just contacted a former investigator when on our way back to our car, we see a family outside. The dad was helping his teenage son fix his bike. and we awkwardly say "are you working on that bike? or some such (missionary work is awesome. and SO out of the comfort zone! ha ha!) We talk about the bike a bit and then this dad (bald, toothless, beer belly etc) exclaims out of the blue "Is it just my imagination or are all Mormon girls HOT?!" yeah. it was weird. It would have been a perfect story if he was actually interested in the gospel but alas, he is atheist. (is it bad that i was relieved? ;)
Well, I love you. I pray for you!! PRAY everyday- lest Satan will overpower you and lure you down to eternal misery. Everyday is a battle between good and evil and it is up to YOU which side you are on. Life is black and white- your either following God or you are following Satan. and dearest family, may we all fight for the winning team. The score is already decided, its up to you which jersey we have on our back!!!
Sister Watts

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