Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring has Sprung!

Hi there! 

I happened to receive the BEST Easters package EVA last week!! New socks are pretty much my favorite thing on the planet. 1. Because they make me happy when i snuggle up on my hard chair to study. 2. because your feet 9 times out of 10 doesn't inflate as much as the rest of the body does ;) HA! My socks will ALWAYS FIT! so THANK YOU sweet family of mine. You're THEE BEAST!

This week has been one of UPs and DOWNs. I feel like a broken record! :)  Missionary  work is my favorite. On friday we had a lovely lesson with Tony- our most progressing investigator. It wasn't too lovely really.... We decided to walk to his home (the weather has been paradise!) and ended up getting held up by an Old atheist man... (not the same one as last time. PHEW!) so we were half fast walking... half galloping down the hill to his home. Our member friends were already there... so we begin. and the spirit wasn't there. We felt the whole beginning of the lesson we were pushing a mule up the big hill..... I finally sat back and the question flew out of my mouth "I loved what you said, 'God gives you answers' Have you asked Him if you are to be baptized?" ........."I did ask God and he told me.. No." DONKEY KICK to the STOMACH! yeah. the rest of the lesson was like a break up with a boyfriend. "I don't want to offend you" "My heart is crying because i really want you to be happy." thinking "what did i do wrong????" etc. ha ha! .... whats worse- imagine breaking up with a boyfriend, in public. HA! Our members friends were pretty fidgety to say the least ;)

So needless to say, that put a damper on our day. We really strived to press forward-- much work to be done but there was quite a depressed spirit in our companionship. Saturday morning the question popped out of my mouth once again (i didn't realize how often that happens;) "Sis. M am i really a missionary? Is this really what missionary work?" I didn't know if what i was doing was acceptable-- am i doing whats right? etc. most definitely springing up from the sad experience with Tony the day before. 
She asked a very inspired question "how did you feel when Tony told us he didn't want to be baptized?" tears welled in my eyes. She reminded me our offering to the Lord is acceptable when our WHOLE HEART is in the work. if we actually LOVE the people were serving. I felt the spirit comfort my soul. The Holy Ghost always has your back. it was a choice moment.

Yesterday we both felt the prompting that something in our approach HAS to change. We both were heavy and we haven't seen much success/progress. We were guiding to the Find People section in PMG. and felt we needed to TESTIFY of the restoration as soon as we could possibly tuck it into the conversation. SOOOO we tried it. We were super cold tracking. we walked into a very old part of town (homes 200+ yrs old) very poor living conditions and we knocked doors. and holy free holies. We left with 2 new investigator FAMILIES!!!! God is so gracious and will direct us to the tools and insights needed to work miracles. Miracles happen everyday!!! Look for them.

Love you so very much. Family is the most precious gift God has given us. Cherish the little moments. 

Sister Watts
 Dyed eggs for good ol' Easters!!!

Dinner @ La Rosas with Christine and Sister Lewis!! 
Wise women= much FUN!!! 
I really like hanging out with 70 year old women!

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