Monday, May 5, 2014

Wonderful, darling family of mine-
This week Sister Murdoch and I trudged through the Mists of Darkness. SO many hours where we were praying to just feel the spirit, to know where to go, know why we were feeling so HEAVY!! We allowed the rejection affect us hardcore.... Yuck! but the most beautiful thing is we had the highest numbers=success these last 7 days than we had the whole transfer!! Opposition follows greatness.
On tuesday my FAVORITE miracle came to pass..... We recieved a text from Sis Saatkamp asking us to stop by their home on the way back to the apartment. We accepted. We walked in. and she comes to us with a CHEESECAKE FACTORY bag in her hand!!!!!!!! They bought us cheesecake. I totally did the "Superstar" stance as I then expressed my overwhelming gratitude. The tears were ever near, but i kept them in ;) Time slowed as i partook of the manna sent from heaven. The moment made the last three months worth it. HA HA HA HA!!!! (i might have a slight obsession.)
Anywho... Miracle time.
Christine (lady from Trinadad who is the BEST 70 year old friend of my life) made a 180 degree turn around!!! Its been slow going but something inside her just switched. During a visit she randomly exclaimed "im coming to your church on sunday." (which is like moving a mountain type miracle. She has been attending her church for 14 yrs- and through it found God. plus they wrote her a 1000 dollar check last month... so stiff competition. She commited to quit smoking and was SO good for 2 days when..... she found a pack hiding in her freezer!! it was so sad... we visited her the next day and asked her how it was going-- she replied "i cheated...." (head hang) She felt so guilty!!! Tonight she is making us a traditional homemade Indian meal (paradise). and it'll serve as the kick off to NO SMOKING!!! She did come to church yesterday and she had the opportunity to recieve a blessing for strength to overcome her addiction. It was the most special experience. I peeked and looked at sweet darling Christine as the Priesthood holder placed their hands on her head. It was a precious sight. My heart burned within me as i felt the power of the Priesthood fill that room. I remember the many times my dad placed his hands on my head, blessed me. healed me. comforted me. We are truly blessed to have the Authority and Power of God on the earth once again. I will forever strive to honor it-- We can do so by being baptized, partaking of the sacrament- asking for blessings. Using the power by which we can return to our Father in Heaven. THE ONLY WAY we can! Without the priesthood ordinances we CANNOT return to God. We cannot progress. Thank you so much Poppa for living worthy of that most sacred responsibility.
Secondly, We had a LABAN experience this week. I felt like i was living in the scriptures! SO COOL. We were depressed one night, super down. Sis M spurts "I'm sick of feeling this way we should go serve!" so we headed to a former investigator (who dropped us this week) and weeded her... weed garden! ha ha! but the most miraculous thing happened as we knocked on the door. one of our investigators answered!!!! He has been avoiding us for the last couple weeks. Bishop called that morning and said they had a real good visit/frienship was blossoming- and then "coincidently" He answers the door? I think NOT! He happened to be pretty drunk.... he sat with us for an hour as we discussed God, our testimonies.... how we can protect our children in this world, be good parents. That hour we saw more inside his soul than we have in the last 3 months. Heavenly Father delivered him into our hands just as he did with Laban. It was a testimony to me that Heavenly Father is ever cognizant of us. We followed a prompting and a miracle happened. "Never deny a generous thought" is President Monson's motto. Things HAPPEN when you ACT on those thoughts. Its all about action... keeping our covenants!
I love you all so much. Thank you for the prayers. I feel you nearby.
Sister Watts

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