Monday, July 21, 2014

Mayo Anyone?

Hello there!!!
This week. Was heaven on earth.
I cannot express in words how I feel about the Waller's baptism. I literally felt eternities change. The spirit was so THICK! I was choking on it. I had some anxiety-- while i was preparing my talk on baptism in P-Study that morning, nothing felt right!!! I jotted down some thoughts and scriptures but really didn't know what to say. When I went to HF about this His words were clear "Open your mouth!" so that was my plan.... Imagine my surprise when i walked into the Relief Society room and saw PRESIDENT and SISTER PORTER!! I thought i was going to pass out!! The whole room was FULL and they had to bring in extra chairs so everyone could fit. My talk went well i think... Josephine had tears in her eyes the whole time- so by Granpa's standards- i was a success ;) ha ha!! I began my talk by expressing my gratitude for being able to be apart of their conversion and as I began to say how much I LOVE THEM, i filled with emotion. It was a beautiful experience.
My favorite part was watching Brother Waller. He hasn't been to church since his youth... He weeped as his daughters entered the water, as we watched the Restoration video, as we sang "I Am a Child of God." One verb describes the whole event. TEARS!
During Jospehine's confirmation blessing it talked alot about how the friendship made with SIster Belnap and I will last for a lifetime. Sister Porter and Sister B and I all felt the impression that she will serve a mission one day!!! :)
The Wallers bought us a locket type mirror with our names engraved on the top!! How sweet is that??? They also took us out the the Pheonician Taverna, a Labanese Cuisine. Pretty cultured experience... :)
They have already invited us back to visit! We already have many plans to watch MOVIES!! ha ha!! so PUMPED.
We also had the opportunity this week to have interviews with President. They were LEGIT! The Porters have a gift at making you feel like a billiongazillion bucks! The most touching thing for me is they see me how God sees me. It was a boost for sure.
Soo Sister Belnap had a stroke of genius and figured out our retaliation plot for the Elders..... Mayo filled donuts!! (How horrible is that?? Imagine holding that "cream"filled, ganache topped donut in your hands and biting into MAYO! It would be a donkey kick to the heart...) Our beloved Sister Decker was a great help in this. We spent a good bit of time after dinner fryin out those donuts! The Deckers dont do anything half way.... For us we had Cheesecake pudding filled donuts with yummy homemade ganache on top... she is an angel. It tasted like a HUGE Eclaire. Those elders are really looking forward to the Decker Donut today at Zone Funday.... I don't think i'll be able to watch!
I'll end with a miracle that happened in the mission. I was reminded of it when hearing Sister Stouts experience this week. Two Elders were T-Boned by a car going way too fast. Their car rolled several times and they landed upside down. Everyone thought they were dead... But they just had a mouth full of glass and a scrape on a forearm!! But the miraclulous thing is when they were hanging from their car- their phone, nametag, and a picture of Christ were perfectly placed in a line on the roof of the car. Heavenly Father wanted them to know who saved them ;) Miracles happen. God is in control. and boy is He good to us.
I love you family! Never deny a generous thought!!
Sister Watts

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