Monday, July 21, 2014

What a Wonderful World!

Hello Loves!

Many tender mercies this week!! My heart is SO FULL! Heavenly Father has truly taken over my area and just sending people our way!! :)

Jo and Caroline are getting baptized on Saturday!! It has been very challenging to teach all the lessons before their Interview on Friday! The church changed policy and asks missionaries to teach Lesson 5 before baptism. So we have rearranged and rearranged again how to add 7 extra mini lessons in 7 days! ha ha! But God is good and it is working out :) We had lots of lessons-- i think my favorite with them was the Chapel tour yesterday. We unlocked the font and taught them standing in it. I was so proud when Jo said "I feel the spirit!" The spirit was so thick inside the font!!

We had the opportunity to go down to the ol' Montgomery building, the church I went to in Little Miami. The Zone was their and i was able to ask about all my gators in my last area. Remember the lady who had her intestines removed? Do I tell you about Tonya? We were waiting for a service opportunity for 50 minutes... It didn't make logical sense to wait that long for our gator but we did. On our way out of the apartment building an older lady came out with us to walk her chihuahua. We stalked her and had a lovely chat and she agreed to let us come clean her apartment. We only shared a brief message of the Restoration before we were transferred but now she is getting BAPTIZED!! isn't that crazy??? :) it comforted my heart- knowing that something came out of scrubbing the splattered poop from her potty bag.

We were able to teach the King family-- we've been helping them clean and pack for the last 2 weeks. It was a miraculous lesson- they excepted baptism and we've scheduled 2 lessons per week (which most people are super not willing to do). When we asked them why in the world they allowed us back when they were so overwhelmed with losing their home-- they said God sent us, We helped them through one of the hardest times in their life and they feel it was God's way of telling them He wants to be back in their life!!! ISN'T THAT AMAZING??? We really didn't do much but Heavenly Father knew what they needed!!

We felt impressed to deliver heart softening brownies to Rich (the dad with 5 kids and triplets). He has been dodging us for the last 3 weeks. Told his neighbor (a member) that He doubted a couple of 20 yr olds can help him with his adult issues. (which is a very real concern ;) We gave the brownies to one of his daughters and did hear from him... we were pretty sad. BUT THEN he texted us several days later and asked us to come over and teach him!!! MIRACLES! (I sung that in my head.)

We had a joint dinner with the Elders this week, which is always a blastie! We're super blessed with the set of Elders in our ward-- they're super funny and such. BUT story time.
We are finished with dinner and are walking out to our car-- The Elders are just sitting in their car at the end of the driveway watching us. (that should have been a red flag...) I'm completely oblivious- laughing at something Sister Belnap said- as i opened my door my hand came in contact with something squishy and mushy. I screamed hardcore and threw my hand up in the air... (cue: elders peeling out of the driveway...) My first thought in my bewildered brain was "BUG GUTS!!" i looked down and saw white frosting... yeah. I might have over reacted a bit ;) ha ha!! We are developing a retaliation plot... TO BE CONTINUED.
(if you have any good pranks that doesn't involve getting into their apartment, lemme know)

I gained a testimony of the power of SERVICE! We have been having a hard time catching a gator family,the Lambs, at home-- they usually flake. So we asked "hey! could we come weed your garden??" surprisingly, they were completely okay with that ;) so we did. and then we "didn't get to finish" so we came over and finished with them and invited them to church! and they came!!!!! Mother Lamb got off work at 7 am and still came out to 9 o'clock church. They are GOLDEN!

Another Tender Mercy is my sweet Schrengost family. I LOVE living with them. They have really become like family. Pres. Shrek is off to Europe this week for work so we had a girl night last night! For our lesson we all went around a shared a moment this week that strengthen our testimony. (they went to Camp Philmont with the General Primary and youth presidencies put on this past week) there was many tears shed. Seeing Sister Shrek pray for her children (especially her missionary) with tears down her face, melted my heart. A mother's love is one of the most powerful forces in this world. She told us "I promise your mothers cry when they pray for you too!!"

It was an amazing week!! Super busy which is a blessing :) Read the article in this months esign about perfection.... holy free holies. It was describing Sister Belnap and I to the TEE!!! God is so awareof us and what we are going through. My prayers are with you. I love you all dearly.

Sister Watts  

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