Monday, July 7, 2014

The True Definition of Sweaty....

Hey Y'all!!!
This week was miraculous!!!! We had three wonderful lessons with Jo and Caroline. They are on fire! It has been so energizing to see someone soooo excited to read the Book of Mormon- to pray everyday. Imagine though-- these lovely girls had very minimal knowledge of anything christian- imagine learning about the Atonement for the very first time, that YOU have a loving Heavenly Father who hears and ANSWERS your prayers. That you can read a book with every answer to your questions of the soul. It has been a privilege to teach to such earnest seekers of the truth. So crazy to see such a thirst for spiritual things in people so young!! Its also been amazing to see God work through the daughters to bring their parents and Gma back to activity. after Sister Belnap taught the first vision, quoting Joseph's account- the Gma was weeping, the mother expressed her joy in learning the doctrine she was taught as a child. Things are movin!! :)
For the 4th of July we had another finding initiative like on Memorial Day. The mission was inspired by a group of mishkunaries in new york city that drew the plan of salvation in chalk in time square! So every zone in the mission had a chalk party! We had much fun! It was a great opportunity to talk about the gospel in a non threatening atmosphere! We found 235 new investigators that day as a mission- breaking our finding record! We went to a BBQ that night at the Shims- a Jamaican family=YUMMY food!!

On Saturday we had fun doing some service!! A member actually accepted our offer!! :) He asked us to prune his shrubs.... it was a BLAST! I may be a professional pruner when i get home. His yard looked great when we ere finished AND we got a lot of our stress out!! Ha ha! BIG clippers.. I heard Sister Belnap laughing so I asked her why-- I didn't realize i was yelling "RAW POWER!" as i clipped the branches! ha ha! I'm a geek :) We learned the true definition of sweaty... My arms were pretty sore the next day... AND because we were quite a sight doing yard work on the hot humid day.. in skirts.... The member family had many opportunities to answer their neighbors question "....were those ladies in skirts working for YOU?" ha ha! and through that was able to have a service opportunity themselves. God works in mysterious ways-- We did not plan on offering service at all! But it just plopped out of my mouth at the door!! and the members were able to have missionary experiences.
 We had a miracle last night!!! We had a goal of 5 new investigators this week (leadership standard) and we were 2 gators shy... with 5 minutes before we turned into pumpkins (curfew). We were at Mary's for FHE and she mentioned a neighbor who moved in a couple days previous- we went and talked to them and they were amazing!! He had a near death experience a while back and it drew him back into his faith. AND he is looking for a church to join.... we can help with that. AND a neighbor joined our conversation as we were leaving who just lost his father to cancer and wants to find comfort in Christ.... 3 new investigators. God really will enable us to meet the goals he sets! We just have to act on every generous thought. God is good.

I LOVE YOU FAMILY!!! 5 months out this week... isn't that crazy??? I am praying for you as always. Continue to look for missionary experiences- those you never think would accept the gospel will surprise you....
Sister Watts

1- Have you seen the transformation in your heart since you have left 5 months ago?

1-My heart. I dont think I have the same heart at all. I feel different. i have bigger expectations of myself- what i am capable of through Christ. These 5 months have been REALLY long and really stretching. it feels like ive been stretching to my breaking point, EVERYDAY! and i am so grateful. I have so much to work on but my goal is to come home a woman of god, change so much you can't recognize me, when speaking at my farewell- the whole room filled with the Love of God. So I have a LOT of work to do! ha ha!! :)

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