Monday, June 30, 2014

"I Call It A "Jesus Punch"....

Hola Amigos!

This week was super duper long! Great learning experiences-- but it was a trek through the mud type week! 

We had a lovely lesson with Josephine and Caroline! They are on date for July 19th! Cool experience choosing a date to extend-- initially we were feeling the 26th would be best, more time to prepare and such but as we were praying we felt the 19th is what we should go for. We extended and they accepted and said it was perfect cause they are leaving on the 26th for a 3 week vacation to Europe! How amazing is Heavenly Father? Pretty much the most amazing ever. The family has been inactive for 10+ yrs and its been a very sweet experience to see the family come together and start this journey for their kids. 

One night towards the end of the week we were having a pretty rough time of it-- the "got up on the wrong side of the bed" type of day. Appointments cancelled, sweaty conditions outdoors etc... We had the biggest craving for Chocolate cake Dunford donuts from Utah!! SO BAD!! sooooo we texted a member friend Mary....... "MARY! EMERGENCY! We need chocolate cake donuts!!" it was pretty hilarious to see Mary go into Red Alert! WHERE? WHEN??? DO YOU NEED ME TO MAKE A RUN?? she literally sent us text messages every 5 minutes updating us on the status of the donut crusade. Missionaries needs are really important..... ha ha!!! I kinda felt guilty but at the same time really really happy :) ha ha! We had a lesson at her home it was legit and everything! Tender mercies abound!

We taught a Professional Crossfit Champion guy yesterday! He was pretty much amazing. He shared his conversion and how he felt prompted to be baptized in his faith. It was humbling to see God's hand throughout his journey. One such time he was driving and he had a "Jesus punch" moment. He was fervently asking God if he was REALLY!!!!! asking him to do this hard thing.. and then it felt like he was hit to the core and broke into tears! Its so cool how God is not a respecter of persons. I completely understood the feeling he was describing! God loves all His children and directs them to truth and down the right paths to be able to live with him someday. 

I have met so many GOOD people. Christ-like. and open minded that are not LDS. They usually aren't interested in our faith BUT they are AWESOME! It is a privilege to learn from so many people of different walks and faiths. It has strengthened my understanding of Heavenly Father and has diminished lots of my judgement towards others. I love my job ;) i had many opportunities to just help others. A mother kicked out of her home, a father with troubled children- and i get to just  LOVE them. Heavenly Father truly loves all his children! I know that to be true. Nothing can separate our from that love. (Romans 8:38-39) 

I am praying for you. Things ALWAYS happen for a reason. Each situation or hardship that is placed before you for a purpose. We just have to discover it.

Sister Watts

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