Monday, August 11, 2014

The Mayo Sandwich....Karma!

Hey sweet family of mine!!

Before and AFTER miracles come trials! Tough week but many many blessings!!

Last Monday the Shreks drove us down to Tucky!!! We had grabbed some lunch and went on a Riverboat ride! It was super awesome to see Cincy in a different light! The Captain loved to talk about barges... and 146 diesel trucks! ha ha! It was pretty dry BUT the breeze was amazing. I felt like i was at the beach! We took mucho pictures to keep ourselves entertained ;) LOVED spending the day with the Shreks!

We had the wonderful opportunity to be made a chinese sandwich.... We didn't have time for dinner that one night and we mentioned it to our Asian friend... She jumped to the call to feed the starving missionaries! We watched her as she spread CHUNKY sour cream, a inch thick swab of mayo, 1 piece of aged turkey and avocado. She even blessed us with an optional Onion salad dressing for dipping.... Sister Belnap and I looked at each other, said a silent prayer and took a bite. With mayo splattered faces we praised sweet Sister China for her de-lish-ious sandwich.... lets just say it was a long night ;) ha ha!!
I learned some important principles.
1- Offer to make your own sandwich. 
2- Do not.... let Asians make your sandwich.

We had the opportunity to go to the mission home for breakfast and study! It was... indescribably AWESOME!! hob nobbin with the big guys ;) ha ha!! President records lectures on various gospel topics and invites missionaries to be the audience. I love learning from President-- its all scripture!! What i loved the most was how he treats sisters (we were the only sisters out of 5 companionship's of elders... ) "Sisters- those are the freshest pancakes for you" "Sisters where do you want to sit?" (all the elders waited as the 2 most indecisive sisters in the mission chose which couch to sit on..) but with everything!!! He honors women like we were the Virgin Mary herself!! After we finally chose a seat he had the assistants re-setup the camera so it was right on US!! haha!! When inquired why- he said "Do you think anyone will watch this if they have to look at Elders??" It was funny... maybe you had to be there ;)

We had a miracle this week! We have been teaching a young women's "friend" in her home for the last week or so. His name is Ethan and he is GOLDEN!! already had read up to Alma before we started teaching him... yeah. pretty amazing. SO we had a lesson with him Wednesday and had no clue what to teach him!! ha ha! we had a rough day and were pretty much begging Heavenly Father for help. SO we go and extend a baptismal date and he accepted. It was one of the most powerful lessons we have taught. Completely 100% off the spirit- scriptures came to mind.... the extension came out of our mouth and we promised him a BUNCH of blessings as Representatives of the Lord. Yeah.. it was intense! He is set for August 16th, less than a month from the time we started teaching him!!

BUT.... the bittersweet part is he is out of our ward boundaries. We passed him to a set of elders on Friday. Yeah. It was a punch to the soul. Investigators become like your kids!! GAH! hard night. BUT its okay and I have faith that the Lord can work through Elders too.... :)

I am learning a lot. The Lord promises to reveal the Mysterious of God to those who seek him with humble hearts. and its TRUE!!! :) I love the gospel. I see God's power manifest everyday-- He is Alive. He is active in our lives. We can do ALL things as we invite Him into our day. "His word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." Of this i testify in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

I love yous!

Sister Watts

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