Monday, August 11, 2014

Winning Hearts One Bean at a Time...


This week was just wonderful! The Gibbs in the ward asked us to look over their garden while they are out of town for a couple of weeks.... I am getting some good ol' experience! I feel like a farmer! ha ha! The cool thing is they want us to have all that we harvest! YUM! We picked green peppers, Zucchini, Summer squash, tomatoes and GREEN BEANERS!! Pounds and Pounds of beans... comin out our ears! The Shreks are even eating them too and we still had bags full. SO we have been the Bean fairies (or the BEANanators... or the BEANERS!!!) delivering bags of beans to the whole ward! ha ha!!  It really has been a fruitful effort! Softened some investigators hearts and comforted some struggling ward members! There is purpose in all things! I can imagine the ward members seeing our card drive up the lane and ducking for cover! NOT the BEANERS!!! ha ha!!! :) (we have to have fun somehow ;)

We had an AWESOME lesson with a African American lady named Karmi. We have been putting our best efforts in meeting with her for the last 3 months and it finally came to fruition!! She is amazing. God blessed us with another Golden Gator. She accepted baptism. Which is wonderful. She has already read the whole Book of Mormon. In 5 days. When asked how she felt when we recited Joseph Smith's account of the first vision she said "It is TRUE!" God is truly merciful. Most of our investigators either dropped us or we are dropping them cause they wont do anything. Which is a heart demolisher!

I love you my sweet family. I have a testimony that families are eternal. God is in control of our lives. As we choose to do His will we will be blessed. We will have JOY! "Men are that they might have joy." Joy is conditional upon our obedience to the Lord's commandments. We have the opportunity but we must Seize the Day and choose it!!!

Love you like a chubby girl loves her brownies... trust me, that's alot ;)

Sister Watts

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