Monday, September 29, 2014

Chickens Really Run Around with their Heads Cut-off!


I have so much in my head right now!!! This week the miracles rained down. Probably my most successful week thus far on my mission!! Hurrah!! From fleas to bended knees- God was in control. Lets share the highlights....

1. First time ever exchanges!!!! 

Yeah. Major grace going on-- I absolutely loved it. We held 2 exchanges- where both sets of sisters worked in our area to learn from our example... yeah. crazy pants. So we planned 2 days into one... and we got ALOT done!! haha!  I had no clue what i was doing but I honestly felt the Lord guide me to know what to do, where to go and what to say-- what commitments to extend. My testimony of God's power to qualify the called is deeply magnified. I... saw my sisters change. Their burdens lift. Receive revelation through the Holy Ghost from God right before me. It was the most stressful, overwhelming, exhausting experience ever!! ha ha!! I am learning SO much.

2. Mac and Kim are on date!!

It was a miracle. It should have clued us in when Kim asked if she had to wear "that ugly jumpsuit" if she got baptized! ha ha! We went over to the Bishop's home and made whole grain cinnamon rolls with Kim-- they have an awesome big dog just like her and chickens! she was in love! The spirit is so strong in Bishop's home. He has 8 kids and his wife is 8.5 months pregnant-- as we ate our cinnamon rolls Bishop asked us all to think of how our roll represented a gospel principle. The kids were very well versed in these kind of games! haha! Even the 4 year old participated! I was so grateful to be able to show Kim what a lovely home is like. She's never had the opportunity to have one. The next morning they accepted the date of October 25. (but they want to move it up to the 18th! told us in our appt this morning. It all depends on how quickly Mac quits smoking. in the OCmission gators have to live the word of wisdom for 2 weeks instead of 1.)

3. The General Women's Broadcast.

The broadcast was held at the Liberty bldg! I was able to see all my closest yummiest sisters in the Liberty Ward. Long time no see ;) ha ha! We brought two 8 year old with us Alzea (Al-a-zay) and Kalayah.... who haven't experienced 1.5 hours of sitting quiet! haha! i think the meeting would have been really spiritual.  We sat with 4 eight year olds... Before that meeting i wanted to have a family like bishop... 8-9 kids. Not anymore.  hahah! but seriously.

4. Craig relapsed.

It was really hard. But I know the atonement can heal him-- help him overcome his addiction. He just has to believe it too. He said he was sick so he couldn't come to church... its amazing to see Satan's hand as well as God's in this work. Whenever we mess up a bit, Satan is right there to tell us how unworthy we are. But we must remember, like Pres. Uchtdorf taught at the broadcast that God is our loving Heavenly Father. His love is infinite and eternal- AND personal. Cleave unto the encouraging, uplifting, motivating spirit and banish those doubtful thoughts. His greatest desire is to free us from bondage... we just need to come unto Him. and he will save us.

I was studying in Our Heritage. I was struggling that morning-- just super exhausted, and there is an account of Bishop Partridge that changed and softened my heart. The mobs tied him up and demanded he renounce the Book of Mormon. He instead bore testimony of his innocence and his willingness to suffer for Christ's sake. They tarred and feathered him. Because of the meek way he bore his abuse, the mob was solemn and they didnt harm him further. I started weeping when I read that he was SO filled with the spirit and love of God he had NO hatred towards the mob or ANYONE. God gives us challenging experiences to refine us. I want to be that kind of person. It speaks volumes when one can hold their tongue. I pray for temperance. for charity. It really all comes down to charity. I love you family. I am proud of how you are living and serving. I pray for you. Remember who you represent-- the family name, Christ's name. 

Sister Watts

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