Monday, September 8, 2014

The Land of the Reds...

Hey...  so we had an awesome week this week!
Monday we had a 4 hour Stake Soccer Tournement we were apart of! I thought it was a genius idea for missionary work!! Half of our Ward's team were non-members! After the Tourny we had a stake bbq-- so all those non-members were able to be fellowshipped and meet a boat load of members... It was a great non threatening way to expose them to how awesome mormons are.. and their cooking ;)
Afterwards we went to Miami University Campus-- in Oxford and chalked the Plan of Salvation again! The location was perfect-- lots of college student and families walking by! Street contacting is always a little awkward but there were alot of people that were about to be taught the whole plan of salvation right there on a street corner. 
We went out to this Bagel&Deli place for dinner as a Zone-- I learned how quickly the spirit can leave.... I hadn't recognized how strongly we feel the spirit as missionaries! I would have LOVED the place back home-- it was a bar style of ordering, really cool indie music and it was just really granola-y and such. BUT the spirit was no where present and as we were walking back to our cars I dawned on me why i was feeling so weird! haha! We listened to conference talks on the way home... it made us feel better. I dread the day when I won't be bothered by that kind of environment.
Had a lovely church day yesterday. One of my favorite members taught the RS Lesson. I felt the spirit so STRONG!! Like temple strong... as the time was turned over to testimonies at the end The phrase "All you need is here." kept running through my mind. EVERYTHING you need is here in the gospel. If we are not satisfies with life, saturate yourself with the gospel doctrines. If we are not happy, fulfilled, peaceful--- put the Gospel first in your life and you. will. change. I know that the world is enticing. Satan does a great job with distracting us with good things-- work, school, hobbies-- and pulling u s away from the very thing that will lead to a FULFILLED life. Christ is the living water. In him we will never feel like something is "missing" Our lives will not feel empty. DIVE into the Book of Mormon. Home/Visiting teaching. Family Home evening. Fervant, revelatory prayers and you will find a depth to your life that you have never felt.
I love you so much. I am so grateful to have an eternal family. I know that we are members of Jesus Christ's ancient and original church he established during His earthly ministry. We are entiled to the same gifts, convenants and blessings as in times of old. We are Heavenly Father's children and he loves and guides us. Keep hold to what you know and build on your faith. Do something each day that is uncomfortable-- that stretches you and increases your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It doesn't have to be hugemongous... something simple. By small and simple things are GREAT things brought to pass! 
OH!!!!! its titled the Land of the Reds for a reason!! We are going to the Reds game tonight as a mission!!!! They are playing the Cardinals.... my first time to a REAL baseball game! SUPER STOKED!!! :) ...kinda cool!
Sister Watts

 Here I am drawing the Plan of Salvation in Oxford!

 Jungle Jims has ever kind of food you could ever want.... 
or not want!
{llama anyone??}
Octopus at Jungle Jims... sells out fast!!
 {seriously?  gross}

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