Wednesday, September 3, 2014


This week was pretty legit.
I have learned several things:
1. I will never own a dog. Ever. Never ever. Cleaned a sister's home--- hair. everywhere! I seriously had trouble breathing for 20 minutes after leaving her home. Sister Belnap said I couldn't deprive my children of the experience. I replied "Yes. Yes I can."
2. Negative thoughts destroy the spirit, motivation, and miracles. A negative thought is a faithless thought. Realism is Pessimism and is of Satan.
3.  Smile! A lady came up to me at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. (We were helping Sister Shrek out with Feed Ohio.) and said "I dont think you belong here." It was hilarious and semi-offensive. haha! but you just gotta smile and LAUGH! it really makes a difference. One night I was grumpy (once in a blue moon i just want to be grumpy) and Sister Belnap refused to say our nightly prayer until i smiled..... You know how i feel about being told what to do... so she resorted to tackling me and within several minutes of suffocated Sister Watts we were laughing at a startling decibal level.
4. You must have a back up toothbush to scrub a tiled countertop..... that hasn't been cleaned for 2 years. (my forearm muscles were bulging after that one.. :)
5. Comparison is the thief of joy. Competition is Pride. We must only gauge ourselves based on- ourselves! Our personal best-- What God has asked us to do and be. Takes the world/Satan out of the equation.
We found a new investigator this week. Three months ago he was an athiest. He has a new and tender believe in God and wants to know EVERYTHING! His faith in Jesus Christ has helped him overcome deep depression, His fathers suprising death and a going no where lifestyle. I love how Heavenly Father guided us to him as soon as he was ready-- as he was searching for the truth!! Exciting things!! ...Its pretty much a big deal to get a new gator--- he is our 2nd one this transfer and our first one moved to Missouri. ha ha!! Gotta love it!
I love you family!! Everything happens for a reason. You will find out soon enough. Heavenly Father will guide you and protect you. 
Sister Watts

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