Monday, October 27, 2014

Good Ol' Week!

Hey Family!

I am leaving Hamilton. Super bummed. I got super close with the members here- really quickly! It makes me feel a bit better than Mac and Kim are leaving too this coming transfer! haha!! 

This week was one of the best weeks of my mission-- I think i've finally gotten down Sister Harding's genius.... We have seen a lot of success. 

Alzea Green was baptized on Saturday. It was amazing. and stressful! haha! Pictures to come! There's some rough situations in that home. It has been amazing how the Light of Christ has filled her over these last couple of weeks. I pray that her family will follow her example. Her father Howard is on date for November 15th. He is struggling with word of wisdom issues-- It was miraculous this whole experience. We began teaching just Howard and his desire was to help his children have a relationship with Christ. It was amazing to see God's promises come true-- lesson after lesson we have promised that His children would follow his example and it has come to pass.

Heavenly Father has certainly been preparing me for motherhood this transfer. Wrangling kids all the time! I am so grateful for all that i've learned. I am a new person- Hamilton has rejuvenated me! 

Oh and this week we got a ride in a Model A-- SO COOL!!!

I am so grateful for the support I have back home. 

Have a lovely week!!

Sister Watts 
 Hamilton District

 Model A!!!!

 Alzea Baptism

Alzea Family and Baby Pooh...

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