Monday, October 20, 2014


This week was a whirlwind! SO many eternally awesome things.

We went to the Columbus temple on Thursday! We organized a Recent Convert temple trip for baptisms for the dead in the morning so we left at 7am and got home 6:45... traffic is fun!
I love to see everyone in white. It was also cool to ask the converts how it felt for their first time in a temple! They really felt like they were in heaven. I think we forget sometimes has special the temple really is!

Mac and Kim were baptized on Saturday!! I was so proud of them!! Mac couldn't find pants that fit so he ended up wearing a size 60 pant and tied some of Kim's lace around the loops. it was awesome. He was interviewed for the priesthood directly following the service. and was ordained yesterday!!! COOL HUH??? they are so solid. Bore powerful testimonies after they were baptized. It is amazing to see how God invites ALL to come unto him. We went to a Chinese buffet somewhere in the ghetto and it was A-maz-za-zing! The shrimp was probs my favorite. Didn't really want to go for the frog legs.... HA! They just blow me away-- Kim texted us yesterday "Who do I make our tithe check out to?" WHAT CONVERT DOES THAT??? They were just confirmed and they are seriously ALL in. Kim is 6 weeks pregnant (she told people at the baptism so I think its okay to share!) They're moving to Rochester NY next month and Sister Harding and I are really wanting to come to their sealing in the Palmyra temple a year from now! With their cute little baby! AH! Missions are so worth it.

Yesterday we sang in Sacrament as missionaries- we have 6 in our ward. It would have been flawless if I hadn't forgotten it was happening! HA! I was sitting with our 8 year old gator Alzea when she asked to go to the bathroom-- We were taking our own sweet time ( I fixed my hair etc) when I walk into the chapel (we were sitting on the back row in the gym) and I see 5 lovely missionaries at the pulpit.... and piano playing... my mind put 2 and 2 together and I think my eyes bulged out of my head! HA! I had a wonderful walk of shame alllllll the way up to the front. But it ended well and people cried. Success in Gpas eyes! :)

I think that all my big news!! But on top all these awesome stuff- Life offers many opportunities to learn and grow and increase in humility. Hardcore. The ability to be corrected has not been one of my strong suits. But Heavenly Father is training me. If we listened with open hearts and ears to others opinions and rebukings towards us-- we would progress at a much quicker pace. So grateful for mine rebukers. Love you my sweet family.

Sister Watts
 Sister Watts, Kim, Mac and Sister Harding

 Sister Watts carving punkins...

 Columbus Ohio Temple

 Bishop Foister with his 2 daughters and Mac and Kim on their Baptismal day!

 Cincinnati North Zone

Trip to the Columbus Temple!

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