Monday, January 26, 2015

God Does Provide!


First off, I apologize about last week! My goodness- we try everyday to bury the natural man. The carnal within and at times it comes back to life and we must again beat it with a shovel to force it back into its grave. Thank you for the out pouring of love this week! I feel quite lovely. 

To sum up these last two weeks.... WOW. God is good.

Lorin is baptized!! We called it a one and a half baptism because Lorin is expecting a beautiful baby boy the end of March! She is naming him James Niklaus. This transformation with Lorin has been miraculous. Her whole family came to the baptism!! I personally have never fought so hard for one to be baptized. Something was different with Lorin-- I just could not give up on her. She was studying demonology when we first began to teach her. and now she comes to church weekly and had access to ALL the blessing of Christ's atonement. The day of her confirmation she leaned over to her mother Trista and said (gesturing to the deacons passing) "that's going to be James one day!" She is a masterpiece. I was able to teach her how to find her family on Family Search this week! She is very much looking forward to attending the temple!! ....I have realized my Father in Heaven has given me a friend and sister for life. I cannot be more proud.

Her family- the Rudds- have taken us in like blood relatives. We are now teaching her mother and sister Ashley. They are on date for baptism on February 14th! Trista and Ashley both have had very sacred spiritual experiences- God telling them this is where they need to be. This is the church of Christ. I would have them baptized this Saturday if we could!

We were pushing so hard last transfer! It was really difficult to work hard when results aren't seen but holy free holies!! They fruits have come this week. Miracles. 

Bruce and Frieda (70's- Frieda has early onset dementia) attended the Louisville Temple on Saturday!!!! They were able to be baptized for Bruce's mother and father and many other family members! I am so grateful I spent so much time on Family Search before my mission- it has blessed so many here. I cannot imagine the joy of seeing your own blood children make good choices. Because, man.... watching a 75 year old man being baptized for her family was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. My WHOLE heart and spirit was JUMPING out of my body. Bruce was borderline hyperventilating in between dunkings... I imagined sirens of an ambulance race through the temple parking lot.... HA HA!! But no worries- he was fine :) Seeing Recent Converts progress on the Covenant path makes every hardship worth it. 

We had the opportunity to do Sealings for the FIRST TIME with Ma and Pa King before the proxy baptisms. Family. My whole perspective on missionary work has changed. it is ALL about families. Every temple ordinance culminates in the Sealing room. We were taught beautifully very sacred eternal principles in the temple that day. It really was a life changing experience. Tears filled my eyes as the Matrimonial blessings and covenants were spoken. Nothing will deter me from being sealed with my sweetheart in the temple. 

I love you so very much family!! I love who you are. I love our journey together back to Christ. I am grateful for the Doctrine of Christ- the process to become as our Elder brother. I KNOW this church is Christ's church again established on the earth in its entirety. I know we all have the duty to share these great blessings and gifts with all in our path. I know my family is eternal and I will labor the rest of my days to bring this great peace and conviction to all God's children. 18 months is not the end. We have much to do!

Sister Watts

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