Monday, February 2, 2015

Revelation Station


This week was miraculous! I feel like I say that every week!! :) ha ha! I can't relate all the stories in just one email! I choose my favorite few... (are we allowed to have favorite miracles?? ;)

---It all started by a Less Active member sticking us on a neighbor newly moved in- Leslie. We stopped by a couple of times before mentioning we do service as well as teach... and THEN miracle. Leslie calls us and asks us to help put together a vanity... (the evidence of grace is found everyday when random people ask you to do random things and you actually can do it :) That was a good experience BUT she still said she was a die hard Methodist. (Her family actually donated some acreage from their family farm a while back (like a billion years ago) to the somethin somethin Methodist church... so pretty much you have to be a hard core Methodist right?? note: a little sarcasm there) BUT she invited us back again..... and we painted her daughters room.... and she all of a sudden wants to learn about the gospel!! She makes us lunch and we have a lesson with her two daughters. It was awesome. We extend baptism... and the 8 year old daughter jumps from the couch with her arms in the air and yells YES!!! yeah. God is good. It amazes me how in tune children are. Heavenly Father is giving us families to teach. REAL families. 

We were walking in the bitter wind on Thursday on exchanges- we thought we would try out being an elder that day and walk... yeah my character was building that day.... and we saw a group of kids playing basketball (I so wish I had an ounce of athletic ability in my body) we stood there awkwardly... praying REALLY hard! and we just jumped into talking and this kid Christian about 9 yrs old- was the sweetest thing ever! He sent us up to see his gma to see if we could come teach him about Jesus. and as we were walking away he yells "See ya! Hope you keep warm!" now family.... this may sound simple. but it was a tender mercy. He simply said keep warm. Christian was my angel from Heavenly Father that day.

We had huge success this week- one of the best of my whole mission. But it really was the simple things that were the most meaningful to me:
*Edith- my 98 and half year old friend- saying with little tears in her eyes "thanks for visiting me. I truly do love you." 
*Laughing our brains out at Bishops house for diner- when an elder said "Barbie and Kent." 
*Watching recent converts bear their testimony or being sent by God to visit someone who was praying for aid and love. 

Life is beautiful. It is filled with the divine if we just seek it. If we take a small amount of time everyday to acknowledge his hand. 

I experienced a lot of personal refining.... Why do we do what we do? Do we serve with real intent? Do I lead or boss around? Do I have power or just authority? The deep things in life! President taught us much about leadership this leadership council. I thought that sticks with me is: If we have to state our authority "I am your mom! Go clean...." "I am the head of the house- I am the priesthood leader" etc. Your have NO POWER! Leadership begins and ends with love. Every motive must at its root be love. People will follow when they feel like they belong. when they are involved and needed. He taught us a lot about being successful in the world too.. CEO stuff. yeah. he is amazing. 

I love you family. Miracles are happening. God is moving his work forward. We all can play a part.

Sister Watts

Bowling Day with our District and a recent convert! 

Temple Trip!!!

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