Monday, January 12, 2015

My Mind is Blown!

Holy free holies! 
I cannot type fast enough to keep up with my brain. SO many miracles this week. So many answered prayers. How can each week get better than the last??? I pray I can portray the week's events clearly so you can follow my brain :)

We began the week with a lesson with Lorin! First one since she got super sick... and boy was it a bummer. Her understanding and testimony had depleted. Guys, I have never fought so hard for investigator before. I cannot stop thinking about her- what can we teach? what chapter should we assign? Praying. Pleading. I have felt so connected with her since the moment she spelled her name. I KNOW she was sent to me from God. We were told by Bishop that he wouldn't sign the baptism record unless we talk to President Porter about her situation first.... It added quite a bit of pressure on the situation. We taught her again at the stake president's home. She was SO stubborn. If she only knew how important a Stake President is... she would be quite embarrassed :) She was SO stuck on modern day prophets! Scripture after scripture, testimony after testimony and she still couldn't straighten it out. each lesson we had increased my unease. She is supposed to be baptized next Friday for heaven's sake! I received a blessing on Friday to receive counsel about Lorin- and this sweet Elder (out 4 months- only his 3rd blessing given) promised me very bold things. That all my wishes would come to pass- if I continued to give my all. The blessing came true. A member from the Mission Presidency came to interview her for baptism Sunday. He spent 80 minutes with her. (My nerves!!) President came out and said she will be a leader in the church. That she will find a Mormon boy soon that will marry her and love her baby dearly- who will take her to the temple and love her for eternity..... Quite the contrast from every other observer. My dreams, hopes, deepest yearnings came true!!! :) Miracles happen. People can change enormously within one week. She will be baptized Friday at 7pm.

Okay so next-

We had an amazing Zone Meeting on Tuesday. Sister King and I (with a little muscle help from the Elders) set up 3 obstacle courses in the gym. We finished the meeting blindfolding 3 missionaries. 3 others were assigned to be their Holy Ghost and the rest of the zone were Satans.... (that was fun) It was hard. Especially for one of our dear sisters. She wrestled knowing who was the right voice to follow. Her companion was right there- "follow me. trust me. I'm your companion" Her STLS and ZLs were persuading her to other paths. Trusted voices. But not THE voice- a voice which uplifts, inspires, encourages. In the end the blindfolded were to shoot and make a basket to pass the course. This sister had probably made a handful of baskets in her life!! She was the last one... the whole zone against her. Just one voice guiding her (I started getting worried- her HG wasn't a baller either...and SHE MADE IT!! the whole Zone cheered. We all sat in a circle and taught each other what we learned. It was powerful. Sister O told me on exchanges It was an answer to her prayers- she has had a very hard time feeling successful- Satan has been in her head and since that experience, she has felt the difference btw the good and the bad. the Godly and the Satanic. Heavenly father truly guides this work.

We had interviews with the President. He taught me a principle that will change my views forever!! ---Having regrets is evidence of a change of heart. Glory in them. Thank Heavenly Father for them. Regrets are evidence the Atonement is working in your life. If we look back and have zero regrets- we have not changed/improved. (which is the definition of damnation....)

Gabe is doing really well! He is on date for January 31st! Seriously so excited to watch him progress. He has a lot of questions about the Plan of Salvation so we are pumped this week to teach him God's plan for him. we asked him- "If Christ were to come down and you were able to ask him one question, what would you ask?" He said "If my grandpa and Grandma are safe on the other side." How sweet is he???? I am so grateful for the peace that comes from knowing what is in store for those passed on.

I was really struggling during Stake Conference yesterday- no one came to church (good excuses but... still excuses ;) I wrote "At times I cry out "I can't do this anymore. I have given ALL that I've got" then amazingly I look back 2 weeks later and say the same words. God is my strength and he will never let me fall." I have a feeling you have experienced that as well. God is so real. and He loves us dearly.

We ended the week with an amazing lesson at the Lawals. I was super nervous going in- I met this woman named Gina and I knew she was friends with the Lawals somehow... So we texted Sister Lawal and asked her to invite Gina and her family over so we could teach her. I didn't really let Gina know we had the intentions of teaching her though.... we small talked for a while and then Sister Lawal brought up the big question-- So I don't know what the plan was tonight- are you expecting to teach a lesson or.... yeah.... so we started talking about Her religious journey and ended in tears with Gina and her family deciding to investigate the church so they can be baptized and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Heavenly Father is so good.

It has been interesting this week. People have been calling us angels. Like not members-- real people ;) We entered a home (a potential investigator had Mormon friends in Utah) and she said as we were leaving (with a full goodie bag of chocolate and food) that she wants us to come whenever- because it's not every day she gets angel dust in her home... cause we are angels... yeah. My heart melted. Gina said (while I was going on about Jesus and stuff) "They give me hope for the future". God is so loving. I have felt SO MUCH love this week. I am so appreciative of this time to serve Him. To give my ALL- even when I don't think I can give anymore. God has blessed me beyond my imaginings. "Eye‍ hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared‍ for them that love him." 1 Cor. 2:9

Love you my wonderful family. I hope these next 7 months are the longest of my life! 

Sister Watts

Sister King and I at Zone Conference 
( and my $80 Banana shirt i got for $20!)

The District at to lunch at Red Robin for my Birthday!

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