Tuesday, February 17, 2015

March Madness!


Holy free holies!! Kentucky does not take kindly to snow! The whole town is shutting down! Ha ha! The library even shut down- ward members made a mad dash last night at midnight to get some food supplies! How funny?? :) Us missionaries don't get snow days... if the cars are grounded then we just get to walk! ha ha!! The work of salvation will not be hindered! ha ha!

OH! last week we beat our record for new investigators by 400.... yeah! Blew it out of the park! Everyone in the mission got Golden Bears!! (a version of Arizonias out in these parts ;) It was so AWESOME!

We had a lovely week. 


For the last 3 weeks or so we have been at their home every day. We love them so much. I wish I could have recorded their testimonies afterwards.... it melted my heart. They are so SOLID!! As Ashley was watching her mom get baptized she heard a voice in her head say "RUN!" "Turn around a leave" "Get away" -She recognized it as Satan's voice and stomped him to the ground as she entered the waters of baptism. Those women are going to do something remarkable. They already are doing booko amounts of missionary work! True sign of conversion!!

We have Gabe on date for March! Excited about that-- it is a little challenging teaching eternity changing doctrine to someone with ADHD.... ha ha!! We are taking it one principle at a time! He is 19-- really interesting teaching someone my own age. One lesson he and a member talked about Ford trucks for like 30 minutes.... We couldn't get in a word edgewise! All about tires and 375x and yeah.. it was gibberish! But it was good fellowship! ha ha! He got to church this week so we were super stoked!

The two miracle experiences I'll share this week were definate grace!!

Daryl and Rita invited us over for lunch.... Sister King set it up in exchanges and she felt it would turn into a bash sesh (Daryl said he "had a lot of questions") so I was a little apprehensive. They live in a very posh community.... like country club ritz to the max. He is a retired surgeon and speaks very intelligently... He picked up on my use of "further" instead of "farther" in my closing prayer and said I was very... intellectual. Yeah--- just to paint the picture here. It actually was a fantastic experience! He is agnostic-- never has come to know if there is a God. He is afraid. I looked at him-- all his life he was esteemed of the world, had a boat load of knowledge and yet in the face of death he was humbled. lost. and scared to the bone. It was a remarkable experience being able to explain to him we have all the answers!! He has attended church and He feels it is empty words. There is no MEAT! (golden huh?) I realized that I have never had a question that I didn't recieve an answer that satisfied me. This gospel is real! It has been restored to a fullness!! We are very excited to continue to meet with him-- it kinda felt like an interview-- him asking questions... and us answering.... and I guess it was sufficient enough for him to invest his time in this endeavor. It was complete grace. MANY prayers....

Next... Kennedy! We knocked on the wrong door.... and Kennedy answered! She invited us to come over and teach and she is going to invite her whole youth group from her church to come too!!! We played it cool but... we were jumping out of our skin with excitement!

So God is just giving us all these Solid people to teach and baptize. He is SO good at missionary work! He gets it done!! :)

Love you family!! 

Sister Watts

 My chair broke during studies...

 Audrey's little toy car. I was impressed my bottom could fit...

 Sister King, Audrey (Ashley's daughter) and Me

Trista, Audrey and Ashley 

 All of us together

 This is a newly convert who baptized them. Bro. Herzner.

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