Monday, February 23, 2015


There is SO much jumping through my head!!

Heavenly Father taught me this week that success comes in all different shapes and sizes. It was so bizarre. We couldn't get with any investigators.... people are afraid of the snow. haha! Speaking of which- There was this one lady we went to visit out in the boonies. big rolling hills going out to their house. It was really stormy and I kinda felt uneasy about making the trek out but then we decided to go big or go home... so we get there. We knock. and knock. and then she actually answers!! (YAY) and she humors us for a good 30 seconds and says- "You need to go home." we laugh it off-- but she pretty much insisted that it wasn't right for us to be out and to leave.... in my head I was imagining this nice ol' lady inviting us in if she was so concerned with our safety- uh uh. HA HA!! SO we turn around to head back to the car and it was a blizzard!!! White out status. How it changed so quickly while we were talking is beyond me- Lesson: don't turn your back on a snowstorm. We were praying so hard to get up those hills.... angels had our back and we got out of the Boones safely!! Phew!

Another lesson I learned is not to schedule double dinners again.... yeah. Pain. I have never forced myself to shovel in another bite so badly.... yeah. Bad idea. BUT when an investigator invites you over for dinner and you already have a member dinner you can't say NO!! haha!

Also last Monday was a hoot!! I learned how to be a boy and play HARD! haha! My mission has really helped me overcome fear. Especially fear of looking stupid because... that happens everyday! haha! BUT with all the snow we ended up having a 2 hour snow ball fight with the Elders in our district (we don't even call it a district anymore--- it is a family) Growing up with Sisters there's not much rough housing.... or aggressive things of nature happening. Yeah. Hang out with Elders for a minute... not the case. SNOW in my face hardcore!! My eyelashes had large ice chucks stuck to them... mascara down my face... yeah. IT WAS SO FUN!!! No more watching at the side lines for me :) Also we have a service project at a Less Actives home tearing up tile... with a hammer and chisel... Blisters... I think I jammed my wrist too! I felt SO harcore! I also pushed the car out of the snow too! (We had a lot of practice doing that....) haha! I love how missions not only change you spiritually but socially/physically as well! He Wooh Woman power!!

We had amazing exchanges on Friday! It was the hardest one I have ever had-- for many reasons that I won't go into BUT the tender mercy was in the Exchange Review the last 30 minutes of the day. Sister C asked me a question she has had since the MTC and I was able to answer. It was a huge testimony to me that Heavenly Father gives us experiences in our lives (good and the bad) to have the ability to help and lift others. The answer seemed so simple to me but the spirit was so strong. I know Heavenly Father gives us spiritual gifts to lead other to Christ. They compensate for our weaknesses. I am so immensely grateful for the gifts god has given me.

Anyways... needless to say it was a humbling week. BUT man, Heavenly Father is so merciful. After Pushing HARD all week he sends us a miracle. We fasted on Sunday for our March baptism potentials. Wow. Heavenly Father is so real. We had a first time appointment with a new investigator after church. He was being taught up in Dayton (Columbus Mission) and is absolutely GOLDEN. He has finished the Book of Mormon, attended church for 2 months and recognizes the stark contrast of happiness since he has been investigating (and doesn't have any Word of Wisdom concerns). AND he works for the IRS so he can't be on parole or anything!! He is on date for March 7th!! It literally made the whole week worth it. Our mouths were agape. 

I love you Family!!! Things don't always look good at the moment BUT there is always golden nuggets along the way if we are watching for them!! :)

Love you!!
Sister Watts

 Pre-snow fun with Sister King!

 2 hours snow ball fight with the Elders

 Trying to get warm..... (painful:)

 Service project!

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