Monday, March 16, 2015

Follow Your Gut!

How I love you!! You are such a strength to me.

Many miracles this week. 

Last week while emailing there was a lovely man that struck up a conversation with me when he noticed my name tag. He is writing a book about how we can be healed through Christ. VERY great material-- about how thoughts determine who we become and our circumstances. He suffered from sever brain trauma at 16 and was a vegetable-- I haven't heard the whole story but now he is alive and fully functional! We picked him up as a new investigator! Really cool huh? we turned him over to the Elders because of some things and the miracle of it all is that he came to church?? and he is thinking about  being baptized!! When we asked how he liked sacrament he said it was "more sharp" than other churches! YEAH! cause we teach the whole truth!! BOOYAH! He asked a lot of questions in Sunday school too... He is golden. Excited to see him progress-- the whole ward swarmed him with love! :) 

On exchanges this week we were focusing on training how to find new investigators! I was with Sister McLaws and Sister King with S. Campbell-- both in our area. The problem with focusing on finding is it was POURING RAIN ALL DAY!!!  So S. McLaws and I while going to visit a referral from the elders were joking that we could just go track down someone walking their dog... in the rain.... yeah. and as I was backing out the car, we saw a lady... walking her dog!!!!! YOU GET WHAT YOU PRAY FOR!! hahah! So I hurried and opened the car door and asked for a pass along card and started going after her.... so Sister Mclaws leaves the car running in the MIDDLE of the road and comes with! haha!! Both people outside rejected the card.. (probably cause we looked like completer wierdos! ha ha!!) BUT here is where the grace comes in.... At the same time we were stalking people in the rain (my shoes were soaked! LOVE IT!!) My lovely companion was in a lesson with a legit veterinarian and got a new investigator inviting everyone in on the lesson! YEAH!! If we do our best- and be as obedient and diligent as possible we will see grace! Even if it isn't in our own work/goals!

Learning a lot about the Doctrine of Christ- President Porter created a lesson to be taught to every member home. How through Faith (action), repentance (change), baptism (renewal, rebirth) and receiving the gift of the holy ghost (sanctification) we can gain the character of Christ. It is really moving the work-- President Greenhalgh our Stake President gave us 4 commitment for each member to make to increase their faith. There are so MANY MIRACLES coming from it! It is pumping me up! I want to do them myself.

1. Will you make a new non-member friend and do something with them?
2. Will you perform a Christ-like act of service for someone you don't know?
3. Will you minister to someone in the ward in their home?
4. Will you read or re-read The POwer of Everyday missionaries by Craig. C Christensen?

Things are movin in our area... just little bit slower than usual! But we feel your prayers and they So help! We know there are lots of people coming our way!! 

Love you Family!!!
Sister Watts

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