Monday, March 23, 2015

What's New in the Promised Land...

Hey Family!!!

Good things are happening here!!! I feel like ive told my miracles stories like a bajillion times at member homes/missionary calls but pray that I can recreate them sufficiently for you to realize that GOD IS AWESOME!!!
So we set up a return appointment with a guy named Zac three weeks ago--- He was drunk so he said he'd love to meet when he was a little more himself and due to his work schedule... 3 weeks it is. He Works on airplanes... super cool. His brother actually converted and contracted Hodgkins disease and passed away. BUT before he passed the Elders gave him a priesthood blessing--- that night made a huge impact on Zach. He knew his brother passed in peace. SO. The "Tuesday in three weeks" came around and he actually responded and we had a lesson. He initially told us he didn't have a real interest but we could come if we want BUT by the time we left He was super excited to get the Book of Mormon in the next lesson and to come to CHURCH!!!! Miracle!!! He also coincidently love American Indians and actually does reenactment stuff and makes tools and weapons and such. yeah... he is golden. He just wants to be at peace. and the Gospel of Jesus Christ does exactly that. Pray for Zach!

We also met with Daniel. He is awesome. Gruff but awesome. We dropped by because we didn't have his number...oops! and he wasn't the happiest camper! but we kinda wouldn't take no for an answer...  "I guess if you're already here you can come in...." He was kinda mocky at the beginning of our visit but then something switched and he just starts crying. 69 years old. Single. Made millions in his lifetime... traveled the whole world and now he is filled with regret and just wants forgiveness. It was a miracle. He invited us to come back. Sister King (professional gospel/classical singer) sang As I have Loved you to finish our visit. She told me afterwards that I must have been inspired to ask because she hadn't sung for weeks and she sang it flawlessly. The spirit.... man. I wish you were there. God is so real. He is aware of his children- their hopes and dreams. He will send angels to come to your aid and lift you to him. There is always hope. There is always love in him.

I learned a lot this week. always new lessons. Always New "Natural man"s to bury. "I die daily" is still my favorite line from the apostle Paul. My favorite aspect of the gospel (today) is forgiveness.  Each day I can change. The past me does not define me or limit me. I can be me. I can be who God wants me to be.

I also felt like I should share this quote from President Porter about the doctrine of perfectionism--- 

"Your effort to try is what invokes [Christ's] grace and changes your nature. But if Satan can make you think that no matter how hard you try, you're not good enough- then you abandon the Savior. Your turn your back on Him. Because you think he has turned His back on you. It is an incredibly seditious doctrine and its not true. and you need  to repent of it. Its not true. So knock it off."

I have been learning that I am a perfectionist. I tend to feel that whatever effort I give is not sufficient and I can never be/do/feel "enough". Perfectionism is a Satanic doctrine. We aren't enough--- but that invites the Savior to make up for the difference. It invites us to change continually through the Doctrine of Christ. If Satan can twist your mind to think that your weaknesses make you unworthy- he has won you. Your weakness makes you glorious. They are God given. Divinely designed to get you back to Heavenly Father. Sister King and I wrote on the top of our mirror in the bathroom- "I am of INFINITE worth" It is true. Always remember it! I love my Savior. His grace is sufficient. "It is okay to be amazing" -Gma Dixie (I tell that to as many people as I can-- SO GOOD)

I had a lovely experience during Sacrament yesterday. I didn't even realize but I was feeling very alone. like overwhelmingly so. As I partook of the bread and the water- I was filled with Christ's love. I realized that our baptismal covenants are designed so that we will never be alone. We have taken Christ's name upon us. We literally bear HIS name. We are apart of His family. We are commanded to always remember him. So we can feel his presence continually. How beautiful is that?? I love how the Spirit teaches-- always willing but just waits until our hearts are ready. I invite all those who haven't taken the opportunity to feel Christ's love and healing through the sacrament to do so.

I love you my family. I love this gospel. It has the power to change, heal, make whole. Of this I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Sister Watts

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