Monday, March 2, 2015



I am staying in the Promised Land of Northern Kentucky!! WITH SISTER KING!!!! It is a dream come true!! This will be the longest I've ever stayed in an area- 6 months!! WOOT WOOT!! :) I am so grateful I get to stay for Justin's baptism! 

Speaking of Justin..... He isn't even fun to teach anymore! ha ha!! 

Sister Watts: "Hey Justin, what do you understand about the Law of Tithing?"
Golden Boy: "That is Ten Percent of all your income" 
Sister Watts: "Justin, have you heard about fasting?"
Golden Boy: "Yeah. We are fasting on this sunday! I've fasted for the last 2 months." 
Sister Watts: "Hey- can you walk on water??!!!?"

HAHHAHAH!! But seriously. His baptism is still on for Saturday. He invited us over for dinner tonight- Ribs and loaded baked potatoes!!

We had a very miraculous week. I don't know how God does it week after week. 
I have had a pretty intense call to repentance, which is always refreshing. I love the sacrament. I love how it truly does cleanse and sanctify.
I did have an amazing experience yesterday during Sacrament meeting. I haven't been so deeply happy in a while. We sat with Bruce and Frieda (Recent Convert) and I watched them partake of the sacrament. I watched as Lorin (RC) walks in with her "friend" that we commited her to invite to church. Emily (RC) goes and bears an amazing testimony. Gabe and Edith walks in 10 minutes late... (investigators). Heavenly Father hit me with a wave of the spirit and realized I was surrounded by the fruits of my labors. I have given my whole life- every ounce of my into this ward. It has become my family. and God has allowed me to see so many lives changed. It was a very special moment for me. 

Gabe is doing well-- still trying to wean himself off of word of wisdom substances. He is coming along. He didn't answer the door when we went to drop off breakfast for him yesterday.... he doesn't have a phone so we texted his dad and he said he wouldn't be able to come cause he doesn't have a ride!! and he wasn't awake!!! Nut UH!!!! Not on our watch! SOOO.... while we were at the church we called a priest in the ward to go and knock on the door til he woke up and drive him over to church. Yeah. HE CAME!!!! It was SO AWESOME!! This ward is the best ever!! :)

We are teaching this 61 year old man-- SO GOLDEN. But I think we are going to turn him over to the elders.... He wants to meet with us in private... without members... not at home... and lie to his wife about it. Yeah. Mistress style. SO yeah. That will be done with. Which is kinda sad. We really liked him! 

We are teaching Angie again... She got into Pyschics.... and stuff like that. So we went over and she was all confused and felt Satan on her. (seriously people, please just stick to the gospel. the world mimics  pretty well but truth is truth. When you get off the boat things just don't go well) She wants a blessing so we called the Elders over. Guys, it was absolutely amazing what happened. As the four Elders walked in, there was a tangible difference in the home. I felt safe and comforted. I felt the Savior in the room. They are all like 6 foot tall but they seemed to be able to fill the whole room with their spirit. Sounds cheesy but it really strengthened my testimony of the power of the priesthood. It was such a contrast between the power of the world and the power of God. I am so grateful for being apart of God's kingdom on earth.

This next transfer is going to be miraculous. Greatness is coming our way. Nothing can stop the work from progressing.

Love you Fam!!

Sister Watts

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