Monday, May 4, 2015

Don't Settle!

Hey Friends!! 

What a glorious week we had. 

We began with a Zone Funday at the Animal House. (The Zone leaders live above a member's animal hospital... so cool!) We had a cook out and.... I caught my first fish!!!! There is a nice sized pond out back- It was kind of a traumatic experience for me! haha! The Elders wouldnt pull the hook out of the lil guy's mouth for me.... so i tugged and tugged and tried to get my little fishy free.. and it finally happened and I threw it back in and it was still breathing and everything... so thats good. It was pretty exhilarating though catching a REAL fish! 

We had the opportunity to have 3 exchanges this week... yeah! It was crazy! We tried something new with scheduling and we only had 3 hrs in between exchanges... not the smartest decision! haha!! Pushed me WAY outside of my comfort zone. Especially not knowing my area well at all... such a contrast to knowing every members schedule/every potential on every street and all their life stories.... haha! 
SO being way over my head = GRACE! and boy did Christ fill in the gaps. I had names come to my mind that I heard once or twice and we went and found new investigators or something AWESOME happened! 
One such time at the end of the day-- A less actives name came to my mind. I drove there and parked and my lovely I was exchanging with started balling... sweet sisters emotions. Missions pull at every molecule in your body-- stretches and it is just so good for ya. After a good bit of talking some things through I look up to see a woman walking towards us. It was getting dark- she had her head down.... i just felt the spirit push me outside the car. I knew she was praying. I knew she had the weight of the WHOLE world on her shoulders... we were able to talk with her for over 30 minutes. She expressed her challenges raising 5 children. Her desires to give them a foundation in Christ. She wasnt open to our message. BUT as were bore testimony she was amazed that 2 twenty year olds knew and loved Christ. and we were willing to sacrifice being out here. She has a daughter our age and she said there is just no comparison in development. We all knew it was God that put us together. We held hands on the side of the road and prayed ingratitude that God was aware of us. The spirit was so strong. I cannot explain it. God knows us personally and intimately. HE WILL guide us to where we need to be, if we but listen.

We had a miracle happen with a Young women named Andrea. She has 2 children- Landon (3) and Belladawn (2). We taught her the Restoration this week-- we began teaching about the Holy ghost. Christ's last discourse at the Last supper was teaching about the Spirit. One of the apostles ask- "How can we know the way?" They understood that Jesus would not be with them forever. So Christ prayed to His Father- and taught that He would send another Comforter. Another guide. How can we know the way??? I myself have asked this. It is only through the Holy Ghost that our path is lighted before us. (John 14:5, 16, and 26.) What is so beautiful is Andrea's repsonse. "I have asked that same question in prayer a couple days ago." That lesson was so spiritually charged. We learned she had just begun to pray a month ago, she wanted to gain a relationship with Christ once more. and He sends us. What a priviledge. Family, God is real. He hears our prayers. He wants to gather us as a Hen gathers her chicks. She felt the spirit as we testified of Joseph Smith, she came to church. She literally hased her kids around in the chapel. it was beautiful :) We had a little devotional before she left and she is now on date to be baptized on May 29th!!!! We have some hurdles to go over but I know all things are possible with Christ!!!

We had an awesome opportunity to stay the night at the Mission Home for Mission Leadership Conference on Friday. I now know why there are not queen sized beds in missionary housing... ha ha!! Grace!! It was a bit more difficult to drag my tabernacle out of that bed!!! haha!! and Sister Dunford and I BOTH had hot showers! That hasnt happen for 3 weeks! woot woot! Tender Mercies.  Leadership Council was revelatory as always. We discussed Social Media quite a deal. May I invite each of you- whenever you see missionaries to share an authentic moment with them on Social Media???? One post on facebook is more than a 2 weeks worth of contacts that we, as missionaries can make!!! 
We also read and discussed " Power in the Priesthood" by Boyd K. Packer. Wow did that blow my mind. Boy, do we live below our privileges as members of Christ's restored gospel. Read it!! President Porter asked his priesthood quorums to teach from that one talk for 12 weeks.... yeah. it has that much goodness packed into it.... READ IT!

Lastly, our church miracle!!! The mission had a HUGE push for church this week- we are been struggling. and May needs to be a big baptizing month... So we had 5 commited to church (andrea and patrick with his family) Patrick bailed... (sniff) and Andrea left right before Relief Society.... so Sister Dunford and I left to go get more investigators to go to the YSA ward that meets at 1pm. As a zone we were 2 away form our goal.. so out we go! We go back to Patricks... same lame excuse. We drive to Joes.... and Sister Dunford (filled with the spirit) says "hey!! (sorry we woke you up) we have an investigator that needs a ride to church! could you pick him up???" oh and church has already started soo... haha! He runs inside to change- (miracle! never has been to church and we've had only one lesson with him) and Sister D runs down to try to scrounge up an investigator willing to come! haha! No dice. BUT then his friend's name Leanna, came to our minds. We drive to her house. She is walking outside already dressed!!! They both followed us to church. Wow. yeah. that happened!! MIRACLE!!!! We just can't wuit until we see the miracle. Sister Dunford strengthens my faith so much. I just wanted to sit in Relief Society with an Oakcrest buddy that was visiting the ward... haha!! BUT what i learned is God's vision is much greater than our own. He can make much more of our lives if we hand over our will! :)

I love family! can't wait to see your beautiful faces next Sunday!!! :)

Sister Watts

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