Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Spirit of God...

Darlingest Family of the Corn.

This week was miraculous as is common among the the Saint of God... hahah!!! But seriously. 

We had the opportunity to travel countryside to the Columbus Ohio Temple!!! We even saw two Amish horse and buggies!! They are legit. They have upgraded the buggy with a windshield and blinking lights! It was AWESOME!! 
Every month there is a Mission Recent Convert Temple trip-- the requisite is that each Convert must bring family names. It was a very powerful experience. We began in the Chapel in the Church adjacent to the temple-- President Porter taught us about the power of temples. How we are freeing our beloved ancestors from Prison. It really set the climate. The temple was completely overwhlemed by the masses entering the temple. It was a good problem to have! haha! They had to set up additional chairs in the Baptistry and there were many who had to stand. The most special part of the whole day was our convert, Allison. She took her Grandmother, Grandfather and Mother's names. Her Gma raised her in Jamaica while her Mother worked day in and day out to support her and her siblings. Her Gma was the one who molded her character and was her spiritual mentor. Allison prepared all week by fasting and praying so that she would be able to feel there presence in the temple. It taught me a lot... I know I have taken for granted the power and eternal influence of The House of the Lord. She is legit though... when she fasts she doesn't speak to anyone. It was a privilege to walk into the temple with her-- she understood what would be happening and the impact it would have on her family. She waited with anticipation-- her legs jiggling. Her hands to her face. She weeped as she watched the baptism of her grandfather. She entered the water-- hands to her face in between the baptisms-- just crying. Sister Dunford and I were emotional--- the whole room was filled with ancestors. I could feel the spirit pressing against my heart. It expanded my view on missionary work. One person baptized- taking upon them covenants that will lead to their Salvation- parts the veil. It brings hundreds and thousands of souls beyond to partake of the same joy. It was simply electrifying being in that baptistry. I could feel the excitement. How they had been waiting for so long!!! Gah. It was beautiful.

We have been working with Allison-- she was baptized on April 4th so she is still very new! But really... so is has an ancient spirit. Every morning she meditates for an hour before her children wake up. Praying for their protection before she sends them off into the world. She is refuses to be anywhere or do anything that forces the Holy Ghost to leave. I just love her-- she is going home to Jamaica soon to visit for 2 months... she might open the bag and be surprised to see me!!!! haha!!

We are also working with a man named Patrick. He works a lot so we don't get to see him often but MIRACLE! Last lesson we invited him to pray about Joseph Smith--- he said he has been searching for the truth- and he still hadn't found a religion that felt right for him and his family. We were on our way back form an appointment- and felt we needed to contact him... it was too late so we called. He told us her prayed and received the answer that Joseph Smith is a prophet!! He hasn't even gotten the Book of Mormon yet!!!! we asked him if he would lead his family into the waters of baptism and he accepted!! He wasn't too sure about his family but then said "well i am the head of the house so.. they will get baptized!" haha! (My Big Fat Greek Wedding...) He is so sincere-- very excited to see where this goes.

We are also working with Kristy- she has been attending for a year now. She has issues with the 4 P's- Polygamy, Preside, Priesthood and Prophets... kinda some big hurdles. President and Sister Porter came up on Wednesday  and we had a lesson at the church.. for 3 hours. We got home at 10:30! hahah!!! It was weird... but the Lesson was beautiful. He has a way of teaching that dispells all doubt. It had a huge affect too.. her atheist husband came to church and she brought her 2 boys too!!! :) Sister Dunford and I were a bit nervous in the beginning- teaching with President but the spirit was just so strong. 

Things are busy here in Miracle Muncie. I feel stretched-- its nice. I love learning and growing through new experiences. I love meeting so many new people each day-- seeing glimpses into Heavenly Father's Plan of Salvation for each of the personally. It is a privilege being his ambassador.

Learned something kinda neat at Legacy Meeting (Thursday all missionaries with 6 months or less met together and reviewed our OCM Legacy and such) What does it mean to sacrifice? Why is it a covenant? What does it look like in our day to day lives??
President Porter had a friend who was a avid golfer-- and was busy with job and callings... anyway he doesn't golf anymore. Why?? "Well, I can save 2 people from prison in the time it take to go to a movie that challenges my standards." Wow. That statement seriously changed my life. God calls us to sacrifice what we want. Whatever we put before him. There really is a good, better and best. I can go release two souls from prison (endowment sessions) instead of a lot of useless things I filled my time with. Chew on that one.... wowzers

I love you Family. SO DEARLY!!! Thank you for the prayers. We feel them everyday.

Sister Watts

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