Monday, May 18, 2015

"Well we can sit and pout or we can try again!"

Words from my blessed companion. They have been my mantra for the last weeks! haha!! She keeps me on my toes! haha! 
They have been a blessing to me. I feel at times we as human beings like to wallow in that bad. In all that has happened TO us. Well... that doesn't do ya any good!!! 
I was reading Mormon this week... like my new favorite of all time now! and Mormon was lamenting how perverse and aweful people on the earth were and then he says this
""But behold, ye are gone, and my sorrows cannot bring your return." (Mormon 6:20)

I LOVE IT!! Whats done is done. Don't awefulize whats happen. We have to look forward. What is my next step to Christ?? Is it getting out of bed and picking up one thing off the floor? okay. good. thats one more thing than you did yesterday. Is it PRAYING for the DESIRE to want to quit drugs?? okay. good. do it. BIT by BIT we can change through the power of the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. We don't have to swallow the whole elephant at once. Just pray and ask for one thing you can do better today-- God will answer. EVERYDAY. That is how we apply the doctrine of Christ. 

We have been encountering many people this week that aren't in the mood to choose to improve themselves. Its quite sad to witness. BUT it has strengthened my faith in my Savior. in his love. in his desire to save us all. He is there. Always beckoning us home. I love him with all my heart.

I can testify that the Savior is more powerful than our current problems. He is more powerful than our weakness--- our fatigue. our apathy. We can change. He has changed me. and will continue to mold and cut me down so I can GROW! It is a beautiful, awe inspiring and painful process called life. I quite enjoy it.

OH!! We got grounded form our car for 5 days this week... cause we went over miles ALOT last month! ooops!! (MY FIRST TIME) so we rode bikes for the first time sittin bones are feelin it today!! Elder Boden-- my ZL let me borrow his bike.... its worth like $700 and its the BAYST!! Mounting a bike (that is a hair...or a mane too tall) in a skirt is quite the experience.. imagine that for a bit! and LAUGH!! haha!! It is a good work out though! My gratitude for cars has greatly increased. haha!!! thank your Father in Heaven for your cars my friends. Pray for my safety... my stops are a little strugglin... IT IS SCARY!! :)

I love you!!!!!

Sister Watts

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