Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Funcie Muncie!


This week was really fun!! 

1. We went apartment shopping with Elder and Sister Moring the Housing coordinator! I have determined that i love house shopping. I am quite picky as well i have found out! (Best price per sq/ft, updated appliances etc....) its fun. OH! and we found a place! Our move in day is June 15th and we love our place! SAFE! and has washer and dryer hook ups. yeah we are in  heaven! We are getting 2 mini missionaries from the Stake this Saturday... and the Muncie 1 sisters are as well. So we are trying to find a member home to crash in for next week. The sister one bedroom apartment isnt going to cut it for 8 sisters..... :) PRAY we can find a member that can house us ASAP! :)
2. I had a first time experience last night.... Sister Dunford asked me to turn the car around- we parked on Kettner. She has been prompted to visit this really old, creepy house for a long while but has put it off. But couldnt any longer... so we went to the house across the street- no one home. she was walking to the car door-- I asked "What are you doing?"  she answered "Its cold!" ... I felt we needed to go to the creepy house too (we didnt communicate we each recieved the prompting) . soooo we did. Imagine this- its misty, dark and cold- drive way overrun with weeds and greens, dilapidated orange pick up. a huge tree cut down still in the front lawn- trees shadowing the home and property. walking to the front door, sidewalk non existent. approach the door. rusted and covered with wasp nests.... piles of belongings on the porch. I knock- loud so i didnt have to again. walk off the porch to stand by Sister Dunford. She hears Presidents words in her head "if it doesnt look or, if it doesnt feel right- dont go." she starts backing away as I see a wrinkled, bearded man open the door. "Hello!! Whats your name?" "Steve." "Im Sister Watts!" "Sister?? are you mormons??" YES I AM!!!" (in my most sunshiniest voice possible.) (Sister Dunford starts backing away quickly as he comes out of the shadowed porch) I noticed the knife in his hand as he approaches me, His words: "Do you know that the bible says not to add or take away anything from it??? Thats what the Book of Mormon is! annnnd THATS DANGEROUS!!!" (time slows)  My mind is racing- "I am going to die. Sister D is getting away. good. Could his knife reach my body?" But what is interesting is that I was calm. tears did wet my eyes but I knew it was going to be alright. I always roleplayed this situation in my mind- if I stood awaiting death- how would I react? haha! Im a bit melodramatic... dont worry bout it ;) Sister Dunford told me afterwards she thought i was crazy! What arent you backing away??? haha!! I am slow and weak... maybe diplomacy would work.... ;) haahaha! But i did begin to back away slowly and lure him closer to the road so people could witness me getting stabbed.... haha! The moment I realized I wasnt in danger was when he said "Im a bit a hermit of late. been having some health problems." and one time as he was getting closer to me he prefaced it with "Im hard of hearing."  Anyways- the discussion turned out swell and he is a new investigator :) Sister D stood afar off but I was having a grand ol' time! Testifyin of the truth, of the Book of Mormon and that mormons believe in Grace too... haha! The whole conversation he talkin with his hands-- one with a little blade in it... Before I left I brought his attention to it-- told him next time he has visitors not to have a knife in his hands! haha! His face fell and he hurried to put it in his pocket "I was just whittlin!" haha!! He is such a good guy. #funciemuncie

3. Found another legit investigator this week-- a referral from the Richmond Elders. Tyler-- college Student (we are passing off the YSA elders) We had his first lesson in the back of a member truck.. that was a first for me ;) haha!! He is a super deep thinker-- he will be baptized for sure. He says he has awesome God thought when he was on Acid. haha! I mentioned I had never heard Acid giving people "God thoughts" the member and Tyler looked at me like I was crazy. I defended myself by saying "I'm from UTAH!" haha!!! Like him a good deal-- he takes notes at our lessons :) makes us feel profound or somethin ;)

So yeah-- thats all that comes to my mind!! OH! I did have a really cool spiritually experience! 

1. So Sister D and I have been acting like blood sisters and had some frustrations one day. Like all day. It was rough. We were both exhausted and overstressed. The work was like mud.  I learned something really important. As I was jumping into bed aka air mattress. Sister D was already falling asleep-- I felt the prompting "say companionship prayer." I didnt want to be annoying...... but the thought came again. So I asked. and we knelt. and I began to pray. First thanking God for his forgiveness. For Christ's sacrifice so that we may change. and then the thought We are grateful for our companionship. I start weeping. I realized how utterly alone I would be without Sister Dunford. Devoid of encouragement and such. We both knelt there in the dark crying. I finished. Pray has the power to change hearts. right then and there. I will never look over an opportunity to pray with my future spouse. It does something!! I recieved a blessing back in Kentucky that counseled me to say more companionship prayers-- that it would provide me with PROTECTION!! oh is that true. Please PRAY every single day with your companion!! 

I love you so much family. Just keep swimmin!! :) KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS!!!

Sister Watts

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