Saturday, June 27, 2015

There Is No Place Like Home

Greetings once again my family. 

This week was sure a week. We STRUGGLED!! Hardcore. But there is always a miracles after trial. I have seen that time and time again. There were a lot of distractions from the work-- meetings, weather, illness, lack of miles etc so with all that we were very behind on our goals. We climbed the ladder and made things happen yesterday ! Man. We saw a lot of grace.

We were in need of our whole week's worth of new friends to teach and almost half of our lessons on Sunday.... so we went hunting. Every person we saw we pulled over to talk to. We were guided to a neighborhood- contacted a former investigator- no dice. We met his neighbors-- looked like nothing was coming of it until the 3rd door! A Romanian woman, Ruth- absolutely gorgeous. Taught the Restoration and she asked US to come back! that doesnt happen very often! haha! She wants her sister to listen on the lessons too! The tender mercies didnt end- Sister Dunford walks up a random apartment building, walks to one door and we found a family!!! Oh my goodness. We talk about parenting and how we can keep our children safe from the violence and mayhem of the world. David was a single dad of a 11 and 9 year old. Many prayers are being said in that home Im sure... haha! They thanked us again and again for knocking on their door... now this does not happen in real life! haha! We walked out the door and found another person to teach across the street...  

I was so overwhelmed looking at how far we had to go- all we had to accomplish- SO the lesson learned= God is control. We can't do his work on our own. We just have to relinquish our will and never deny a generous thought. Pull over and talk to someone-- he may be a former investigator 27 years ago (that happened last night)! Heavenly Father puts people in our path to love and guide closer to him. We just need to trust him. 

Had amazing interviews with President and Sister Porter. How I have grown to love them. I am so blessed to receive counsel from such inspired people. 

Oh! We moved in to our own place on Wednesday!!!! Oh how glorious it was. I flipped off my shoes that night... and I didn't feel guilty or worry where they landed because it was our home! I will never take for granted having a little piece of heaven of my own. To talk as loud of I want and have hot water that doesn't stink like sulfur... yeah. I am very blessed. 

I look at my planner and all we did this week and I am amazed how perfect Heavenly Father's plan is. We see grace every single day. Even if its homemade apple pie at the end of the night. 

I love you family! There is purpose in it all!! Heavenly Father has your back as you just try to do your best!

Sister Watts

Service on the farm!

Matching T-shirts!

 This is a dead scorched frog that I am pointing too... and you can't see it:)

Good Bye Allison! She just left for Jamaica until July!

saying good Bye to Sister Beamer and Baker before the left...

Moving into our new the rain..:)

 Totally soaking wet...

Lauren's pet pig, Pearl:)

Service on the farm:)

District Transfer:)

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