Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mini Missions


Running a little short on time! Man, this week was so amazing too!! :)

We had 2 mini missionaries staying with us this week. They just graduated High School and Was set apart as a missionary for 1 week. Sister Beamer and Sister Baker. It revitalized me. It was a tender mercy from the Lord-- I have never been able to train a greenie. I have been praying these last transfers-- "is it time for me to train yet??" .."Please?" hahah!! I have been greenie's STL and thats fun for exchanges but never had the experience. BUT This week I was able to train 2 at one time. It was a little crazy when Sister Dunford went on exchanges and I had to do it on my own--- but I grew a lot that day. My testimony that God is in charge grew mucho. I just know Heavenly Father answers my prayers. Even the little pleadings of my heart :) and He has such great timing! haha! I was searching inside my little self for some kind of grit-- some steel and I was just treading water. But those girls helped me rediscover my love and zeal for this work! My favorite moments were when their faces lit up when they remembered something I trained them to do... Awww... tender. I loved it.

I will share this experience with you--

Sister Beamer and I were walking down the street. A very Hoosier street aka ghetto. We just finished speaking with an investigator and we still had quite the amount of time before needing to head back home. We saw a man and a young boy walking on the opposite side of the street so we walked to their side to "bump" into them.... The man, Wade, was tattooed to the brim... long unkempt hair sneeking out from a beenie on his head. A wifebeater tank top. Piercings everywhere possible. His son Kaden was the cutest thing ever- 8years old. Its a good age... We started talking to him-- awkward at first as always... "So... have you lived in Muncie long?....." hahah! but it deepened as we spoke of Christ- religion and He began to open up about the abuse in his past. That bedraggled man changed from a scary "whatcho kids!" kind of man to a scarred, weathered traveler-- just trying to do the best with what he has been dealt in life. When I asked to meet with him again with his wife- he invited us to come home with him to meet her right there!! WE walking into his trailer... very dim. soiled. packed full. His wife was dark- but! bit by bit the spirit rushed through and we learned these 2 people were prepared by God to recieve the gospel. Krissy, the wife, had a LDS landlady that was her protector and confidant during a very abusive marriage. She was taught a bit by her but never was able to go to church. There are just no coincidences. God has a perfect plan. An individual plan of salvation for each of us. He does call everyone to "come home". We had a return appointment but they had to cancel because they were in the hospital-- Krissy has a tumor. Very excited to see where it all goes. 

QUESTION. How do Mormon mom's keep there kids reverent during sacrament??? haha! (please email me and help us out :) Andrea comes every week with her 2 and 3 year old and man. Landon was going to each pew and taking the hymn books... and then walking back to a random pew behind us to stack them all up. He hit the whole left side!! haha! Bella runs around to one side of the chapel to another..... cheerios? we did that last week... they truned the bag upside down and they flew a couple of pews all around us... and man. NO MILK! Landon spit a mouth full on Sister Dunford last week. God is sure preparing me for motherhood... haha! Andrea just hasnt gone to church before and doesn't know what to do... and I cant lift or hold them.... so yeah. sugestions?? :) Oh good news! She is getting baptized the first week of July! She wants it. Willing to come church with those kiddos every week... sure seems she wants it ;) hahha!1

Love you!!!

Sister Watts

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