Monday, July 13, 2015



I have so many thoughts-- Firehose information coming your way....

I am in Noblesville. The little knub on the western side of the mission-- we attend church in Fishers, which is outside the mission. Pretty legit. Loving the ward- very welcoming!

We are living with Members- The Arnolds own a whole bunch on Jimmy Johns and Papa Murphys and such. They offered us to go swim in their indoor pool and hot tub.. yeah. We declined dont worry :) We are out in the boonies but they are so sweet it is so worth it :)

SISTER PEATROSS (Petris like Tetris) is my NEW NEW NEW companion! She is from Salem Utah-- so sweet. and VERY chill. and beautiful. I KNEW i would make pretty babies ;) haha!! She is doing incredibly well! I am now learning how to not be a helicopter mom!! I want to do everything for her... but I have to be okay with her making mistakes and learning.... SO HARD!! Man.

So much grace this week-- We are reopening this area= no investigators..... it has been a blast to Talk To Everyone and get LOTS of new gators. God blessed us. None of them came to church... which is always a blow to the heart :( but we did just meet them like 3 days beforehand haha!! We have a handfull of promising prospects... we will update next week on their progress. Pray for Bryce... He is my favorite... (but don't tell the others) 

Because of the Open house we are asked to focus on Part-member families and Long term investigators... those who need just a little extra push to take the big plunge!

SOOOO with the Open House-- The Indianapolis Temple is absolutely gorgeous. I love how ech temple has its own little feel to it. The motif for this temple is a simple flower- its in the stain glass windows- the chairs and tables-- all throughout. OH! We got to go through- the 2nd tour ever- yesterday with all the missionaries and investigators. It was a awesome experience. Kristy from Muncie was there! She had major concerns about the temple- we saw her afterwards and she pretty much said I should prepare to come to her baptism on the 15th of August!!! YAY!!! I am within an hour from Muncie so I can go! :) 

I am the Ohio Cincinnati Mission Representive/liason/coordinator for the Temple Open house... so that is pretty much the best thing ever. Met with President Cleveland in the Indianapolis mission yesterday before the Open house and got the low down. Its a pretty simple responsibility-- I am coordinating shifts for the 6 sets of sisters in the Muncie Stake. We are going to be able to serve every weekend. We'll be presenting the video in the beginning and we'll be in the tent/mini visitor center answering questions at the end of the Tour. I'll figure out temporary housing and such too... So that will be fun. I know all the sisters in the zones im working with so that is a treat. Because we live so close- 30 minutes away- we will be covering a lot of shifts.... i think im okay with that :)

I've been studying D&C 109 in preparation- verse 13 is my favorite.  "And that all people who shall enter upon the threshold of the Lord’s house may feel thy power, and feel constrained to acknowledge that thou hast sanctified it, and that it is thy house, a place of thy holiness."
That's ALL people-- everyone that enters... so we have high hopes of success in the work this transfer. 

OH! I went to the doctor this week. We were worried that i had bed bugs... bites all over my body... so thats fun. My leg got the worst of it- i took some pictures but it doesnt do it justice ;) haha!! The doctor said is was an allergic reaction to some kind of a plant! PHEW! No bed bugs... :) She gave me some steriods... I've been puttin on the muscle this week;) haha! and some steriod cream and its improving a great deal. Spreading still and the marks on my leg feel like its dead and stuff!! the doctor wants to see me again tomorrow :)

TODAY!!! We are going to the Temple again! Elder Richards of the 70 is going to train all the sisters and take us through the temple. SO excited. 

Thought. "But I know him: for I am from him, and he hath sent me." Jesus's words in John 7:29. I KNOW HIM. I am from him and HE hath sent me. I know thats true. I have known my Savior personally since I was a little girl- it is absolutely a priviledge to represent Him. I know He has sent me here at a specific time with specific people to further His work. What can be more glorious than that?? Think about what He has sent YOU to do. Heavenly Father knows you- he loves you and has a perfect Personal Plan of Salvation for you to get back to Him. 

Never forgot Who you are and Whose you are.

I love you Family.

Sister Watts

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