Monday, August 10, 2015

Embrace It!

Hola Amigos!

Man. I found myself procrastinating starting this email... I just don't want another email to come and go.... :) I want many many more weeks of emailing. BUT alas, thats not going to happen!! Unless President allows me to extend- I have an interview with him tomorrow and I will let you know what he says ;) haha! But seriously....

I love my mission. I love the schedule- the sticky humidity- the sticky investigators- hoosiers with no teeth- clothes that dont fit- feet that ache- out of control laughing when we are just utterly exhausted. I love to serve my Savior all day, everyday. I love the constant revelation. The assurance that what I am doing and who I am is acceptable before God. I love my companions- even the cranky ones. I love witness miracles and saving ordinances take place. And ultimately I love the power of the Priesthood- the Sealing Power restored by Elijah. I know my family is forever- without end. I am grateful for my family and to be able to nourish those relationships in the coming weeks. The Family- is the most important unit on the face of the planet. The most important work we can be involved in during this life!!!!!


This week was good. We spoke about our experience serving at the Temple Open House yesterday- it was a great preparation to speak in sacrament. They asked me to speak for 10 ish minutes or "however long you want" soo.. it was more like 17... 20 maybe... haha! I love to share the gospel... prepare yourself because I am sure long winded! haha! 

Couple lessons I learned this week:

We had a district meeting that kinda rocked my socks. In a negative fashion.... I walked away with the message "You are not working hard enough" It was lame of me to get worked up about it, but I did. But the time I got home I was visibility shaken (there were some other factors that contributed to my shakiness fyi) and I plopped down on my knees and lifted my voice to our Father in heaven and had a good heart to heart. What was beautiful was after I spilled my heart to him (i am doing ALL that I can. I am to my limits etc) and I started to form the thought "Am I doing enough? Is my offering acceptable before you?" In that instant- God came to me and filled me heart with peace. Filled my chest cavity to the brim of its capacity with goodness and warmth. I was amazed. No hesitation- I didn't even finish the thought!! I knew I was doing enough. I love God's mercy. I love how He always answers prayers. I know He is real. and I know the heavens are not closed. We cannot rely on the flesh- -we receive SO many messages from the world that are just not true. Its false and Satan is at the head of it. 

Another-- As we were walking to our car park several blocks away from the temple on Saturday- we had to walk past the protesters. I did really good at being Christlike until a man holding a sign advertising his anti website yelled at us as we walked past- something to the affect that he loves Mormons and wants to save our souls.... which is in and of itself humorous but It didn't feel that way in that moment. This gospel runs through my veins-- I KNOW this church is true and that Christ is at the head of it. and when I hear others telling me, essentially, its all a ruse. Its all fake- Its a bit hurtful. But as I was thinking to God on the walk-- I realized how grateful I was for opposition. Those people- have strengthened my convictions-- all the people on my mission condemning me to hell have strengthened me. and my relationship and closeness with my Savior. Just sayin.

An update: An amazing miracle with Justin this week. VERY much progressing. keeping commitments- reading the Book of Mormon and praying. Commited to church and even started inviting his family to his baptism. but we went to his door to deliever breakfast before church and he left us a drop note... man... we will see what happens this week. We are planning to stop by tonight to see if we cant get to the root of his concern :)

LOVE YOU!!! See you in a few :)

Sister Watts

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