Monday, August 3, 2015

Things Will All Work Out. Be Happy. Be Believing.


President Hinkley has a special place in my heart. Things will work out. I love his optimism.

When there is a marvelous work moving forward- there also is a mischievous one. WOW. SO much opposition. Investigators anti-ed right and left. Being so open and interested and the next moment shutting the door in our faces. Even the boys... progression swallowed in doubt and complacency. 

BUT what is so cool-- yesterday during PEC I was looking back at my notes from ward Council last week. Bishop Gibbons said "It's not going to be easy, but we have to be willing to be mocked!" When he said it- I remember it sinking into my heart. I forgot it throughout the week's tribulation but it brought me sweet peace as I read it once more. Taking notes is so vital. That simple phrase reminded me of God's goodness and grace. He prepares us for each experience we pass through. We were mocked daily. A woman shook her finger at me and yelled "YOU ARE WRONG!" in the reception tent... tough doctrine stings.... 

God reminded me this week that ALL we can do is pray to perform the acts that these people need to come closer to Christ. to help them on their path in their personal Plan of Salvation. Everyone has their own path to Christ. but that path will always require faith in Christ, change and baptism of water and fire. I know I am doing that- although people have been not to nice.

A moment of grace to share--

Friday as a Car Fast day- another preventable accident happened in the mission-- we did not prepare.... man. so We called 17 different people to come and pick us up for our 3 appointments that morning..... It was down to the wire. We were thinking we'd have to do service around the house or something before our shift at the temple. BUT then a member called back and picked us up and we went to see Todd and the lesson was awesome. They member connected perfectly with Todd and Todd came to church. Cool huh?? God is so good. One of our most successful weeks numerically. Just really tough. 

We had a heart breaking lesson with the Boys on saturday.... super bad. like I don't think we'll be able to visit in the future... so Sister P and I are still a bit down trodden- but the beautiful thing is- whenever I start thinking to God- I have complete peace. His plan cannot be thwarted.

I love you family. As bad as the world is- it is only getting worse. We have to ask ourselves- Am I willing to be mocked? Will I choose to rise above it? We can choose God or we can choose Satan- we have full ability to choose. How beautiful?

Sister Watts

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