Monday, May 12, 2014

And I'm off.....

Ollo Family!

I am being transferred!! and Sister Murdoch is too!!! Doubled out status....  I sat down on my bed and it hit me! TEARS!! I love this area so much-- i didnt realize how the ward has become like Family. I thought of all my friends!! Gah!! I just dont think i can trust them with a new set of mishkunaries! :( Loveland has become my home. BUT! I KNOW that God knows what he is doing. Change helps us repent and become better!! :) We all have bad moments, we shouldnt allow the bad moments turn into a bad day! Good things are coming.
Miracles this week....
An investigator invited us over for some service! YAY! Love zippin up those jeans! and we arrived at her apartment and waited on the stairs for 10... 20... 50!! minutes. Yeah. Stood up. (We were productive of course. Planned and made calls etc) but seriously. So just as i was becoming a little teensie bit frustrated an ol lady came out of her apartment with her Chihuahua Sissy. We opened her door and had a lovely talk out to our car. She just had her intestines removed.... yah. ouch. so we offered SERVICE!! (any time to be in jeans we leap for :) She was so cute and said "its been really hard to clean lately. There's Dust EVERYWHERE!" Old ladies are my absolute favorite. She said she already had a church but hasnt been able to go because she's been so sick. When we went back and cleaned her home it really softened her heart and invited back to hear our message!! MIRACLES!! I love how God orchestrates. If we hadnt waited as long as we did, we would have never met His daughter who desperately needed help.
I think the biggest lesson i re-learned this week is you HAVE to hand over your day to the Lord. It is the most frustrating thing when im so focus on the following the schede. We all need to allow God to shape our day- go with the flow and be open enough to act on the promptings we do receive.
Another moment really pierced my soul. As we were leaving one of my favorite member families homes- the mother looked at us and told us with tears in her eyes- All her life she's never has faithful HT/VT. but The Lord has always sent her missionaries to watch over her. "You are my angels." I really felt like a missionary. I felt like a representative of Christ. It was precious.
I just love you family. Skype was AMAZING! It really buoyed my spirits! I am so blessed to have so much support and love back home. I look at broken homes, broken families.... and i just sit in wonder at the mercy of God in giving me you. 

Sister Watts

PS. I asked Sister Smith if we could stay at her home when we come back as a fam.... Its going to be a party!! :) 

 Sister Murdoch, Christy Black and Sister Watts at lunch

 Sister Murdoch and SIster Watts... Last P-day together

 The famous "car in the ditch" story....
SIster Murdoch was driving

 Sister Watts and Sister Murdoch with 2 other sister missionaries
Visiting Loveland Castle

Sister Watts and Sister Murdoch at Loveland Castle

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