Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Hello sweet family!

I have been transfered to the Liberty Ward in Mason/Liberty Township, Ohio! I live at a members home! Super suprised!  The Schrecengost family is THEE best! They remind me of the Tom and Becky- Its like im on vacation! We have our own bedroom/Bath and a separate room for studies. Sister Shrek is like a clone of Sue Greenwell- so yes mom, i am in good hands :) President Shrek is the stake president and their 18 year old daughter is the only one at home (who is super awesome.) I don't know what i did to qualify for this place but sure am I grateful.
Another suprise is my companion! Sister Belnap and I came out the same transfer 3 months ago! both barely finished training.... I was shocked! The first couple of days i felt pretty lonely. I didn't know how to read Sister Belnap! I really thought she didnt like me and i began to write the transfer off as my "trial transfer". BUT! We went out with a Sister in the ward and she taught as a great lesson on praying specifically. She related it to going out to dinner- praying specifically/detailed is the difference between telling the waiter "bring me something i'll like." and "I want this." God wants to bless us. Before entering an appointment she prayed for the TV to be turned off- for the Gator to be prepared throughout the day for our lesson etc. This concept struck my heart. The following morning I prayed. I asked for a bonding experience with Sister Belnap that day, that would bind us together, Holy Cow. God answered my prayer 100 fold. By the end of that day we were besties. The barriers were destroyed and we realized that we knew each other long before this transfer. I love her SO much! We are like the exact same person.
The Liberty Ward is a dream come true. The members are very missionary minded- they are always coming out with us. Pretty huge transition for me though- tracting is not done in this area. We only go off of Member referrals-- We spend a lot of our time building trust in the members-- lots of service and lessons. I LOVE IT!
It has been challenging to not know the area/members but a joy to go and meet so many new people. The majority of the ward is active! Which is a bit different from my previous area- I have felt the Spirit guide us more this week than i have for a long while. Many times we would get into our car after a visit and just look at each other. That was EXACTLY where we needed to be tonight-- many tears and this time around theyre not mine!! I love seeing the Spirit heal, change and enlighten those we meet. Miracles are coming.

Sister Watts

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