Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hey Sweet Family of mine!!

This week was jam packed with awesomeness!!! I will try to hit the highlights adequately!

Monday- Pday was just lovely!! Went shoppin.... at banana republic outlet. it felt like HOME!!! found this super cute white and navy polka dot short sleeved button down! The ultimate staple! :) Wasnt feeling good at all but felt i should push through the day! 

Tuesday i woke up with a fever... so after studies i went straight to bed and slept all day!! Sister Belnap and Sister Shrek were the best nurses ever! I was really taken care of! We got a Uno game in there as well! YAY! It was pretty miserable but luckily i was asleep most of the time-- sleep does wonders! and the next day i didnt have a high fever so we went out! 

....imagine this though. I still felt like i got ran over by a bus, within the fog in my brain i thought it was a good idea to wear flannel and jeans in the 85+ heat (plus humidity) to weed a wonderful old members yard wednesday morning.... we persevered. We were praying so hard that this lovely old single woman would forget she promised her best Corned beef and hash for lunch..... but alas she is too good a christian to let us good without lunch.... It was pretty much the nastiest edible, canned meal you could put in your mouth.... at least thats what Sister B expressed- cause i was too sick to have my taste buds function! HA HA!!! PHEW! Dodged that one ;) Couldnt taste a thing!There are miracles again on this earth. 

That night we enjoyed our service project with Sister Decker.... She owns a homemade candy business. We wrapped caramels for an hour and she told me the inside scoop on chocolate making!1 and Daddy you will be so jealous... as payment she sent us home with a whole box of chocolates! She has a fridge dubbed "the magic caramel fridge" where she has boxes full of goodies! Milk and Dark choc ganache, PB delights, Hazelnut filled... coconut cream.... it went on and on.... It was a dream come true!!!! slash im still working on eating all my chocolates!!! Missionary work is a hard life... ;)

Thursday was Zone Conference!!! It was a treat for sure! I still had brain fog but at least my notes make sense ;) ha ha! President Porter delivered a masterful sermon on the doctrine of Christ. How we can use the atonement to because like Christ. 
My favorite lines...
"We're either going to fall into sin or we will fall on to our knees and ask for help."
"Dont think to yourself, Learn to think to God."
"The atonement is personal, exact- voluntary. He atoned for every individual in mankind. its infinite, eternal and its for you."

Sister Porter shared an awesome thought too! D&C 138:56-- I was reminded who taught me, who prepared me to serve the lord...WAY COOL!! (P. Blessing momma!)

Friday the Wilke's took us out to Longhorn Steakhouse. Yes, Liberty ward is like heaven! Has all my favorite schtuff in our area! I also had a spiritual experience though.. ha ha! Its not ALL about food i guess.... ;) We realized because of exchanges, zone conference, my sick day and pday we literally had 2 full days to get a weeks worth of work done. needless to say we were praying hardcore for some grace. Friday night we were able to get 2 new investigators!! but my experience didnt show in numbers. We were walking down the street concocting ways to go and approach this wonderful black man when i glanced back to see a little boy run out into the street after us. He asked "Have I seen you before?" Sister Belnap and I shared a look. Sister Belnap asked if he meant her. He shook his head and pointed his finger at me "no, you!" The spirit was strong as I KNEW I was exactly where i needed to be. Walking down the street, desperately trying to figure out how to meet our weekly goals. God sent me Kris to remind me of who I am, what I promised Him i'd do and why I was on a mission. I know I have covenanted to meet and teach specific people in Ohio. The meeting with his father Vlady didn't prove fruitful but I know that family will join the church soon.

Quickly, Yesterday was awesome too! President felt inspired to move PDay to tuesday! He issued a finding challenge. 100 New investigators in one day. Last week we found 430ish...so all through out the day whenever a companionship foun a NI they would text the assistants-- so the whole mission was getting texts every 10 minutes or so with exclaimations of miracles and such! It was AWESOME!! We found 4 NI which we desperately needed! (we had only 2 hours left of the day when Heavenly Father provided a way for us to find his children.) The final verdict for the day was 234 children of God who has the opportunity to accept the gospel!! :) It was an a day where the hand of the Lord was clearly manifested!! 

I love you so much. I pray for you and think of you often!!

Sister Watts

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