Monday, June 16, 2014


This week we had a "mini missionary"! It was a very cool experience. Youth 17+ from the stake were set apart as a missionary for one week and came and lived with us missionaries. We were blessed to be chosen to participate! We got the COOLEST Sister-- Sister Encarnacion. She moved from the Dominican Republic a year or so ago and speaks very little English-- she also was baptized just a year ago! So it was very challenging and fun to communicate!! She taught us some Spanish and we pushed her to speak English more! It really was a blessing because Sister Belnap stayed in a couple days for her health and Sister E and I were still able to get some work done!! BOOYAH!! slash is was pretty intense meeting with people when Its just you.... and a lovely non-English speaking friend.... ha ha! Fun times. It kinda stressed me out but it helped me to rely on the spirit more fully! Saw some wonderful miracles because of it!
This is probably the simplest miracle of the week. but i think its also my favorite experience. It was just me and Sister E... I had no clue what we were supposed to be doing- just that i felt the spirit.... we were trying to meet a referral and as we were walking up to her house i saw an older gentleman going to get his mail.. the spirit reminded me "Talk to EVERYONE" so i did. He was dieing, cancer pretty much through all his body. We had a really nice talk- nothing special but He allowed me to leave him with a prayer. I was able to speak through the spirit and bless him and feel God's love and awareness of him. I closes the prayer and i saw a change in his face- his heart was softened. He felt the spirit. It was so precious. He wasn't  interested in the Restored gospel but God was able to reach out to him anyways. God is ever so loving.
We found lots of new gators this week! Very exciting! One looks very promising! His life is falling apart, he is reaching out to us to regain his faith. He is a single dad with 5 kids, 2 jobs and a crazy ex-wife. He really is prepared- I asked him a simple question about what he knew about the Holy Spirit and he unleashed all his expectations, hopes and dreams. God has placed him in our lap and I'm feeling pretty inadequate. He has blessed us so much!! God's children are coming out of nowhere to hear His word and I just pray I will be able to teach with the spirit!! They are so prepared and ready- and I know if i do my part they will be baptized and have that powerful joy and blessings that come with it. and that scares me :) HA! You know, we pray and pray and fast and pray more to find new investigators and then The Lord blesses us with them and it scares me half to death. But in my heart of hearts I know that Heavenly Father will help us. qualify us. God is so aware of our needs and we will receive love and comfort through the Holy Ghost as we come unto him!!
Love you so much Family!!!
Congratulations Kenny and Brent on Boston's blessing day yesterday!! I was there in spirit!
Sister Watts

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