Monday, June 23, 2014


Woot Woot!!!
I am here in Liberty for another Transfer!! We were holding our breath since this is Sister Belnaps 4th transfer here now! We're super excited-- things are really moving! The members are very involved in the work- we even had a call from a sister in the ward asking US if she could come out to a lesson with an investigator! that NEVER happens!! The hastening of the work is in full effect in the Liberty Ward. I am so grateful I am here for another 6 wks. Mason has become HOME!
This week was amazing. The mission has 50 people on date for baptism and all the missionaries have been feeling pressure from the adversary-- as well as our investigators. We held a mission fast yesterday for added strength and healing (lots are sick). Miracles are happening!
We had an awesome experience with a Less active family in the ward. We were going to go contact them and right in front of their house we felt like we should just call them. So we did. The mother answered and said they were super busy right now but her 2 daughter want to be baptized and recieve the missionary lessons. I replied "we can help you with that." We had our first lesson with them on Friday and HOLY FREE HOLIES! It was special. I had the opportunity to testify of how baptism and recieving the Gift of the Holy Ghost will bless and change their lives. Sister Belnap and I think we saw the 13 yr old tear up. This is real stuff people!! Things are just Happening. Heavenly Father is working with His children- preparing them to accept his gospel and be born again. Its awe-inspiring to witness his work go forth.
So last night we tye-dyed shirts for FHE with a LA family in the ward.... i didnt wear any gloves!! My hands are a beautiful shade of Shrek green. Very professional, i know. I might be wearing cinderellla gloves this week ;) ha ha!! but no, i scrubbed the first couple layers of skin off and its not too distracting now :)

In my studies of late I have been devouring Jesus The Christ. This morning specifically when Christ cast out the Legion of demons from the possessed man. Every time Jesus cast devils out- they professed He was the Christ. They testified of his Divine Nature and Calling. James in chapter 2:19 says "Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble." We must be as Peter when asked by Jesus "Whom say ye that I am?" "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God." and then went about serving him. Gave up worldly desires to follow Christ. "His knowledge... was perhaps no greater than that of the unclean spirits; but while to them that knowledge was but an added cause of condemnation, to him it was a means of salvation." (JtC pg 187) We can boast of our God all we want but we must ACT on that belief. I feel the constant need to check myself- my thoughts, words and deeds so when I am called to testify of my Savior it will be with power and authority. I just love this perspective!!! The scriptures are awesome and TRUE.
Love you all!!
Sister Watts

 Sister Belnap and I thought this was funny. 
At the corner of "Grinn and Barret"

 Sister Blenap, Sister Encarnion and I
...doing some selfies

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