Monday, August 25, 2014

Lots O' Bug Bites...

Remember when Grampa made us take a 10 hour hike in the swamp??? Its kinda like Ohio. (without mollie getting suctioned under 4 feet of mud...) I spent some time this morning making a record of all my bug bites. I am proud to say i have beat my all tme record of 53. (drum roll please) 70 bug bites. JUST ON MY LEGS!! The struggle is real ;) I finally caved in and allowed a member to give me some insect repellent. Im afraid my blood will permanently be tainted by squito goo!!
Anywho.... This week was chuck FULL of goodness!! We had exchanges all tuesday in Hamilton and slept over another night to attend Zone Conference all day Wednesday.. MAD REVO!! We went back to Hamilton on Thursday for ZoneWeekly Planning. This weekend was Stake Conference and Elder Cardon of the 70 came for a visit! Friday night we had a Youth Fireside on top on the 2 sessions of conference so lots of instruction!!! :) If you want to-- He speaks at the end of the Mormon Message "Savior wants to Forgive" (Which is a very powerful video in itself!) and you can get a glimpse at His awesomeness!!! Lets just say i have 5 gazilion pages of notes this week :)
What i found so special is all my innermost questions and prayers were talked about in these meetings. God is real. and he is aware of us.
A thought about thoughts....
President Porter laid down the higher law at Zone Conference. We are commanded to serve/love God with all our heart, might, mind & strength.
We can give our hearts through our obedience. If we love God we will obey, if we are disobedient we don't love God. Simple. True.
 Might is our diligence. A reflection of our devotion to God.
Mind... how can we serve God with our minds?
OUR THOUGHTS! Pres Eyring says (paraphrasing)
1. It doesn't matter who you are, you're gonna have doubts- If you are in Gods work you WILL feel overwhelmed. You can't do it. ONly with God can we suceed.
2. Any thought that increased doubt, fear, unmotivation-- BANISH IT!
A dandelion seed left to germinate/flourish will grow 20 yrs later in the soil... imagine that! Same with thoughts- we cannot allow them to replant. We can't just stop thinking negative things we have to root up, dig up all the inklings of negativity. Weeds come spontainiously. We must plant good seeds. If we don't plant anything at all in a field- what do we get? WEEDS! Our brain is the harvest.
IN D&C 121 it says to let Virtue garnish thy thought unceasingly. Continually-- God wants you to think To him Always. because you will become like him. If you are thinking directly to God-- your thoughts will not be weeds-- we need to think as he thought to become as he is! As we think-- is how we will ACT--- our actions define our character.
D&C 43:34 says: Hearken ye to these words. Behold, I am Jesus Christ, the Savior‍ of the world. Treasure‍ these things up in your hearts, and let the solemnities‍ of eternity rest‍ upon your mindsSolemnities are religious ceremonies-- sacrament. temple covenants, baptism.To treasure means to hold or keep as precious. We must keep our minds LOCKED on our covenants. LOCKED on Jesus. Just as Peter walking on water- we sometimes overlook that there were only 2 people recorded in history to walk on water. Peter. and Jesus Christ. Peter is FULL of faith. But the moment he sees storms-- he thinks/doubts-- not LOCKED on to the Savior. The savior immediately comes to his aid. We, at times, are like Peter. We are permorming miracles! We are seeing God in our life!! and then  we loose focus on Christ... we start doubt- thinking negatively. Is Jesus going to let us drown?? ONLY if we keep knocking his hand away! "Let me help you." "NO! Dont you remember what i did when i was 17?" or... "DO you remember my sins? I cant handle this miracle stuff!!" Through Christ we can be saved. uplifted. changed. become NEW beings everyday!! If we Lock ourselved on Him. If we stop knocking his Hand away. I know this to be true.
I love you my sweet family. God is in control. The gap between you and Christ (who you want to become) IS THE PLAN!! We are to progress each day. We can bury a new natural man each day. This life is glorious. Hardship is a blessing. Stretch forth your hands and bring souls to Christ. For in him there in peace.
Sister Watts

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