Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Week!


I do love Christmas. I love the spirit of Christ in the air. Do I like Christmas on a mission? not so much! haha! How awful am I! It really was a rough week! So lax... visited a lot of members. The work was quite slow. I am REALLY looking forward for the holidays to be over. I will enjoy them when I am at home but the holiday season means less productivity than what needs to be. Which in turns effects the spirit.... and my feelings of being worthy for the spirit cause the pace is literally so different form other weeks.

On a lighter note- Christmas Eve was awesome! We went over to Lorins home for dinner! We sang carols together and talked about the world.... made me kinda sick! haha! I was craving my scriptures in front of me and talking about Gospel doctrine.... It just feels better :) 

Christmas was awesome! Loved skyping! I can't believe Zac is coming home next month!!! GAH! We visited lots of members.... My birthday was great as well!! We went to Red Robin as a District for lunch..... keeping with tradition!! We even ordered 2 mudpies.... yeah. Brought back memories! the waiter paid my part for dessert.... it was awesome. WE had dinner at the bishop's as a district as well! It was a party! Birthdays are great on a mission-- we worked the same and everything was the same besides a huge influx of voicemails directed towards me! and a call from the assistants singing to me-- it kinda felt like high school musical in mission form. Random Elders and Sisters comin at me singing!! haha! I am now 20. 

Lorin is doing well! We had Kevin a recent convert (fluent in 8 languages, former professor of folklore and language, former member of the French Foreign Legion and former Orthodox Jew (had the curls and prayer shawl and everything)) come and teach her.... and resolve her concerns. Needless to say she is on track for baptism. 

OH! and tender mercy. amidst all my "worthiness" debate in my head this week- We had an AMAZING lesson at the Lawals last night. (counselor in the Stake Presidency and former Relief Society President) I was a bit nervous- we were going to have Lorin over for dinner and a lesson but that fell through last minute so we didn't prepare a lesson directed at them.... I was shakey- I respect this family a great deal. The spirit said to open with a song. the spirit rushed into the room and did not leave as I began the lesson. I taught President Porter's sermon on The Sacred role of Woman.... it was so powerful. The words came and flowed through my mouth- I knew exactly what to say. I finished. The room was silent. President Lawal expressed his desire to sit in the spirit and to go around the room and say what the spirit taught them-- geez, It was amazing. My testimony of teaching by the spirit has increased tremendously. If the spirit isn't there... its a worthless effort. honestly. nothing enters into their heart. It was a tender mercy because- I didn't even know if I was worthy to have the spirit. I had been struggling all day. But that lesson told me that God knows me. that he is aware of me. and the Atonement is working in my life. What was so impactful to me is when their spiritually struggling daughter said "that was the best missionary lesson we have ever had." The spirit... was so thick!! Chokingly so. I am so grateful for the doctrine of Christ. for repentence and change. 

I love you all so much!! 

Sister Watts 
 Sister King and Sister Watts and their ugly reindeer shirts!
 (White elephant gifts from Zone Day fun!)

 Christmas Eve! 

 Skyping With my Family on Christmas!!!

We were spoiled! We received a 7.5 Christmas Tree!

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