Monday, December 22, 2014


HOLY FREE HOLIES!! Christmas is here, the goose is getting fat!!

So many tender mercies! My goodness. 

We had a Christmas devotional on Tuesday. It was AWESOME! We watched Meet the Mormons. I teared ;) Loved it so much! You should have witnesses the cry of excitement emitted from the crowd of Elders and Sisters.... we even had popcorn! and hot chocolate. The meeting closed with everyone getting in alphabetical order- and everyone got a gift!!!! and a picture with President or Sister Porter.. yeah I was a little stoked out of my mind! Christmas is wonderful. 

We fought really hard this week. It felt so GOOD! Lorin is back on track- due to inspired members and a relief society party. Members are truly everything!! She has some concerns but she wants to be baptized! :D It was the most rewarding feeling seeing Lorin come through the Sanctuary doors (Presbyterians call their chapel a sanctuary and their foyer is called a narthex.... yeah- we live in Star Trek ;) 
Heavenly Father is so good at missionary work. He made so many miracles happen this week! We Part-member/less active doors opened for the first time since ive been here- we are teaching their children. God is placing His children in our path- the key to success is to constantly think to God. He knows were we need to be- who is home- who is ready. We must swallow our will and follow Him and then things move forward. 

Missionary work is the most humbling thing. and frustrating as well. Satan works so hard Sunday morning- it really is the roughest day of the week. Seeing Satan make church seem so unimportant. Seriously people. If people really realized that partaking of the sacrament, when partaken humbly and penitently, washes away your sins- is able to heal your deepest hurts- reconciles you to our beloved Savior- prepares us to enter into Heavenly Father's home- who wouldn't come? It's crazy to me that people are still rejecting Jesus. 2000 years has not changed anything. Yes... I am soap boxing. but really- people. go to church :)

We had a wonderful exchange with the Highland Heights sisters on Friday- it still amazes me how Heavenly Father qualifies the called. I struggle bus so much- but when I have the opportunity to train other sisters on exchanges- I feel SO connected with Christ. When I am so focused on helping others- miracles happen. There is something to the whole selfish striving thing- progression is hindered based on our motives. We had a lovely day and we felt impressed to go blitz the sisters area the next day. We drove down to Falmouth- 45 minutes away from the Sister's home. (yes.. I did take a snooze in the back of the van- it was so warm!) and we taught John- who is on date. He has a handicap and Sister Ollerton asked me to evaluate His accountability... It was the most spiritual experience. As we asked him simple questions like What is sin? and What is faith? His answers were as if tutored from an angel. I got the goosebumps... I haven't taught someone with as much faith as he has in a while. I was so taken back. Heavenly Father wants to bless His children- and that is done through making and keeping covenants. He let us know without a doubt that John was to be baptized.

I love you family. Trust your promptings. Never deny a generous thought. Share Christ with your friends and Family. I have never felt so happy as I am now- sharing the Gift of Christ with everyone I see. Serving God the best I can. That is all He asks.

A little plug for Christmas. Ma King shared this story from a book she is reading--- A family was driving home from a Christmas get together, listening to Christmas music and such. when a daughter spoke to her mom saying, "Mom, I believe in Santa and you believe in Jesus Christ." The mother reflected on all their Christmas preparation- writing Santa Clause, shopping etc and realized her children were anticipating the coming of Santa instead of the Christ. She changed her traditions from that year on-- It has really hit me this Christmas season how we are enraptured with gifts and tradition that we put Jesus on the back burner. I have pondered a lot what traditions I want to begin in my family.... just a thought.

Love you!

Sister Watts

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