Monday, December 8, 2014


Wow. I feel like each week gets more jam packed as my mission adventure goes on!! :) 

It is becoming difficult to prioritize the miracles of the week. Its amazing when you are SEARCHING for those tender mercies of the Lord, you find them. 

Tuesday we had exchanges. I learned some beautiful things. The specific heart wrenching trials I experienced the week before was the very thing my wonderful Sister was working through too!! Heavenly Father is so merciful. He is so aware of us- our thoughts and inner workings. He provided a way for that Sister to receive help and encouragement and provided me the comfort and peace of knowing my hardships were for a PURPOSE!! Our trials are specific and sent from a loving Heavenly Father. He who only wants us to progress and walk towards Him. To travel the strait (arduous, tumultuous) and narrow path and arrive victorious through Christ's Atonement. 

Thursday we had Zone Conference! It was intense!!! A call to increase our faith! 

I had a couple of thoughts to share-- I wish I collected my thoughts more fully before sitting down to write. The amount of revelation and learning at a Zone conference is outstanding.

A thought.... "The only way we can make the Atonement matter is dependent upon us sharing it!" President Porter. ....If we don't repent- if we have no desire to change the atonement is for naught. like it never happened. Imagine Heavenly Father. How happy will he be at judgment? His beloved Son. The sacrifice He made- His son. It hit home for me. The powerful missionaries are the ones that repent every single day. Asking God, what do you want me to change today? Who do you want me to be- I will be her. Our will is not our own. Power comes when we submit our will to the Fathers. That is the Gospel. To do what God says. 
3 Nephi 27:13. "Behold I have given unto you my gospel, and this is the gospel which I have given unto you—that I came into the world to do the will of my Father, because my Father sent me." 

We had a Q&A about controversies of the Church... that was my FAVORITE!! Temple stuff, Joseph Smith, Anti stuff... I think the greatest lesson I learned was from how confidently He stood in front of the room. He KNEW whatever was asked had an answer- and He most likely/most definitely knew it. He says "The only people we loose in this church is the lazy and the proud." The church hides nothing. All we have to do is READ!! We will find the answers. Pray and the answers will fill our heart and we will find peace. I want to spend my whole life in pursuit of knowledge (spiritual knowledge) so I will have greater capacity to help and serve others! and bring them to Christ! I am so grateful for the President I have been sent to. The General Authorities don't send missionaries to missions. They assign them to Mission Presidents. How cool is that?? :) 

I rambled... but I love you. 

Oh! and We taught a Presbyterian Sunday school yesterday about our faith!! It was absolutely amazing and a miracle how it all came to be. The pastor came up to me and thanked us for easing the youth's minds about asking questions-- we had about 20 people in the class- ALL a step closer to accepting the Restored gospel. ( I loved seeing the woman by the door with tears in her eyes listening to the First Vision.... powerful) Have I told you we attend the Union Presbyterian church in NKY? haha! Our LDS bldg. is under construction- so I partake of the sacrament with a big ol' cross at the front of the room! :)

Oh and I am not being transferred today. My beloved companion Sister Corbridge is leaving the promised land of Kentucky. Mourning is to be had. Lots of stretching moments coming my way....

Love you my sweet family. 17 days til I see your pretty faces!

Sister Watts

Remember. The choices you make matter. Every decision either draws you closer to Christ and drags you away. Have a Merry Christmas!

 Sister Corbridge and I with other Sisters from our zone.

 Sister Watts and Sister Corbridge

 Ma King on her potato phone! We helped her and Pa move on Friday!
Movin Sisters!!

 Helping Patty (recent Convert) with her Family History- All those hours practicing paid off!

 Surprised Angie and Journey with Lunch! (She just lost her job)

 Journey as little Sister Watts

 Journey and Sister Watts at lunch

 Christmas Present received!

This is my brother, Elder Watts. He is serving a mission in Pennsylvania.
 He will be going home in 50 days!


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