Monday, December 1, 2014

He Is The Gift!

Hello dear ones!!!

This is Sister Watts. and I am a Mormon.

So... this week was epic. Hardcore. and plenty filled!

We ate at 4 homes for thanksgiving. Good ol' Kantucky!!

I sang at a baptism. It was really fun.

We contacted a member referral and found a new investigator named Katie. She has opened my eyes and destroyed my niave-ness. I feel like the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Really though- everyone I speak with knows someone who is addicted to heroine, commited suicide or is in an abusive situation. I sat there in Katie's home as she described what trials she was going through and I was completely calm. I had no heaviness or worry. (the things she was saying would curl your skin.... just sayin.. I don't know how to describe the awful nature of her story without detail/ breaking confidence) The spirit is powerful. As the day went on and I started thinking about the severity of the situation it kinda hit me... but I am amazed at the capacity God gives his representatives to LOVE!!! I have never loved so much in my whole life. 

Had dinner with Lorin at the Kings-- it was a highlight of my week! We asked Lorin if she's received an answer about baptism on the 20th and she said "I totally forgot to pray about it but ive been thinking about it a lot and I just hear this voice saying "Just do it! Just do it!" ...I love the spirit. This is truly God's work. He directs it. He controls the pace and we just get to witness it!! :) I love being a missionary. I am grateful for the change Christ has worked in me. andin my dear friends He has given me to teach. The gospel is true and it blesses and protects the family unit.

I love you. Stay true to who you are! (Or i'll come and beatcha.)

Sister Watts

 Dinner at Bruce and Frieda's! Happy Thanksgiving!

 Another sister missionary heart attacked us! It was a great end to a hard day!
 Cobb Family Thanksgiving dinner! It was to die for!

 Yes Brianna, They do have KFC in Kentucky! 

Kevin and Marie putting up their Christmas tree! Selfies!

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