Monday, March 30, 2015

Progression in the Promised Land


How I LOVE you!!!!

This week was jam packed with amazingness. We had our bi-annual temple Endowment Session on Wednesday, Interviews with President on Thursday and the general Women's Broadcast on Saturday!!

Oh on Tuesday we helped our Recent Convert Emily teach the Young Women line dances! It was the most hilariously fun thing ever!!! :) We went hardcore. Got our jig on! anyways....

My Golden Nuggets are as follows:

Sister King was trippin out about speaking in Sacrament this week. She asked President Porter in her interview for some counsel. His question was- Are you trying to impress your ward? Or Heavenly Father?? It was really eye opening for me actually-- it applies to our dress as well. He said you can tell who are the truly confident woman in a ward-- the ones who don't wear capped sleeves and short skirts that show their Garments whenever they move. The modest woman doesn't care what others perceive of her. She will wear the longer skirt because she respects and honors her covenants... interesting huh?? I can see it. When your communication with God during the sacred ordinance of the Sacrament becomes more important to you than what your appearance communicates to others-- that's when revelations comes. That's when the conduit of heaven enlarges and you truly renew those Baptismal Covenants anew.

Speaking of Sacrament. I was on splits with a member sunday morning to get an investigator to church and she was running a bit late. I was praying for patience.... as we entered the Presbyterian building- I looked through the windows into the sanctuary and saw the Priesthood passing and blessing the Sacrament. I could almost sense the spirit flowing within those doors... and I was unable to partake. I did not realize how precious that Bread and Water is to me. It is not in the literal objects of bread and water- it is becoming new. It is feeling the cleasing power of Christ's Atonement sanctifying me. and recommitting to live my covenants. It is safe to say, I will never miss another opportunity to take the sacrament.

During my Interview with President I asked one question--- What is my next step??? He kinda chuckled and taught me a life changing principle as is his nature. He related-- So let me get this right- you have been out for 13 months. up until this point in your mission you have been experiencing new things right after another- (Being trained, Leading an area, Sister training Leader, Training a STL.....) and now you are searching for your next step-- What happens when you get called as a Young women's President? A relief Society President for 5 years?? At times we connect movement with growth. But when the movement/change doesn't happen we start feeling stagnant. BUT the change becomes more internal. It is asking every morning "Lord, What would you have m do, and I will do it? What would you have me change and I will change it today?" It is applying the Doctrine of Christ every single day. It was the most comforting thing I have heard in a while. I have been praying about that for weeks---- and he spoke lines right out of my prayer. Priesthood Keys are real-- they are there to receive revelation for you. If we ask for counsel and heed it- we will be changed and stay on the path to Salvation.

The temple trip was amazing.. Very peaceful. Pa and Ma King drove us- On his birthday. It was an amazing act of sacrifice signifying his love. He told us that we were absolutely radiant in the temple.... and It was the most memorable birthday I his life. Being at the Temple with his wife and his daughters. His voice cracked with emotion and my heart melted. I love the mercy of Heavenly Father. He puts people in your life that will change you forever. The kings are certainly that! Its humbling to think of all the church leaders I have served with and how their example and teachings have shaped me and my character. The Northern Kentucky Ward is home to me. I am so grateful.

It was a great week in the missionary work as well! It was interesting though-- a little different. I felt more satisfied with the work. I felt like each number we reported was an indicator of someone's faith increasing. The investigators, Recent Converts and members we are working with are changing tremendously! SO then the numbers don't really matter-- and you just feel like the most special person in the world that God used you to run his errands.

I love you family. I am eager to hear about your progression as well. I love to see the change in your letters and pictures. This is what life is all about!

Sister Watts

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