Monday, April 6, 2015

A Feast Of The Spirit

Hello my sweet family. 

Your emails always have a way of cheering up my heart. I love you dearly.

This week has been remarkable!! We had exchanges Tuesday, Specialized Training in Ohio Thursday, Leadership council Friday and Conference on the weekend! Jam packed week of revelation. It was amazing to see God's grace throughout-- we had probably half the time we usually have and we accomplished the same tasks! God is so real. He is so aware!!

I had an awesome experience on Exchanges. I went up to Highland Heights and had a jolly good time. They ran out of car miles.... so we walked. ALOT!!! In our area we are driving from one appointment to another and are usually running late... haha! So walking 4 hours straight was quite the contrast! haha! with another 2 hours that night..... blisters. BUT it was the best day of my week!! I had no desire to walk- but it was thrilling to me to swallow my will and do as the Father asked. I felt the spirit so strong ALL day!! We talked to so many people!! I had my first experience working a College Campus. Can I just say, HEAVEN!!! Right up my alley! I love talking to random people who want to talk about their lives.... We walked from the apartment to the Northern Kentucky University campus and then realized we didn't know if it was legal or not to proselyte! So we figured we would get permission.... we got passed around until we found ourselves in the Dean's office. Yeah. That was a new experience!!! :) We found 2 new investigators within a half hour.... MIRACLE!! The first just returned from a musicans conference in Salt Lake.... where they toured Temple Square and went to a Mo-Tab concert... That wasn't very fair for her----  easy pick up! AND she was a Music Ed major soo...... and the other was a Special Ed Major and suffered from Spinal Biffada. Yeah.... We had lots to talk about!! It is amazing how Heavenly Father sends people in your path that you can reach specifically. LOVE IT!!! It was just the best day ever.  

I was taught many lessons this week... kinda painful! But Pain reflects growth. We had a testimony meeting at the end of Leadership Council--- It was powerful. Leadership Council took place as Jesus Christ was on the cross over 2000 years ago. 9am-3pm. We were all able to reflect on our relationship with him and our love and appreciation for what he did for us. I had a new view on his atonement... We are responsible for all the pain we caused our Savior. We will be held accountable- for we are in debt. We can use this to enable us to change- that Heavenly Father's goal. That is how we make it worth it. It truly enables us to act. to choose. to grow. It gives us the ability to grow without being condemned. It is a beautiful and sobering thought. We are agents unto ourselves. I will become WHO I CHOOSE TO BE. ---I wrote my testimony down because I didn't know if everyone would have the time to do so! Thought I would share.

At times I feel distant from my Savior. But I could never deny He lives. I am a witness of His power. His ability to change His children. Lorin. Sister King. Myself. His atonement is real. He has saved me from internal and eternal hell. I know He loves me- He shows his face to me everyday. He reaches out to me through others kindness. Has surrounded me with love. He hears my prayers. Vocalized and unsaid. My Savior love me despite my weaknesses. He has given me covenants so I can become as He is. He bolsters me when I am replete of strength. I know he lives by the small and simple things. Whenever I see a Kentucky sunset, it feels like Heavenly Father sent it just for me. It is him saying "I love you". It sounds funny but it is literal to me. I feel his love as I walk down the street- struggling hardcore and a hymns fills my mind- and I am overcome with peace and strength. I know He lives. and because He lives we shall be together forever.

I love you family! I am so grateful for Conference-- for inspired leaders. I am grateful for your prayers, I don't know how I could do this without them!!! 

Sister Watts
 Fun bon fire on P-day!

 Leadership Training

 Driving home for another training meeting........

 Took a WRONG turn and .........

Ended up on a ferry....:)

 Sister King and Sister Watts
Sister Watts ad Sister Belnap
Got a new car!:) 

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