Monday, April 13, 2015

The Promised Land Reign is Over...

My darling family! 

My heart is grateful for you today because--- you never leave me!!! haha!!! You are always constant and I don't have the fear I have to leave you every 6 weeks!! HAHA!!

I am leaving the Promised Land! I guess I grew ripe in iniquity or something :) HA! I will miss Sister King like I am leaving a sister. I called her "Kenzie" on accident last night! haha! Guess that's a good sign that one of us would be transferred. 
This week was absolutely miraculous. The best week of the entire transfer! I am so glad I am leaving with a bang. The story goes as follows.

We don't have a teaching pool- thus it is extremely difficult to get people to church. The stakes were raised when our investigator that has been coming for 10 years (married to a member) decides not to come..... and when the Zone Leaders ask us on Firday to get 5 new investigators before Sunday... and commit 3 of them to church. sooo! Whenever Problems arise it is time for miracles to happen. We met this black man Tyrone on Wednesday, outside a hotel one of our Less Actives live in. (elders area=sketchy area) He said he wanted to learn more and come to church! We didn't think much about it--- BUT we text him Saturday to see if we could come deliver him breakfast before church and we wake up to a text on Sunday......

"Alright we be ready in the morning. I got a couple of people with me." 

so we figured through a string of texts that he wants to bring 3 of his friends!! Our elders told us we were allowed to go over without a male member with us.... On our way over to the address we come to find out it is an address for a Motel 6..... they said to come around back! Yes... Sister King and I were peeing our pants. We pull around back and they were all waving to us on the street! and... it all turned out! We taught them the restoration on the street..... Justin our member did not feel comfortable taking all four of them in his car alone (two of them had alcohol breath. I STILL cant smell alcohol on people! I was oblivious ;).... so by a miracle we got another member to come and pick up two of them PLUS a new guy we met named LA. Their stories family...... wow. One guy-- 50ish lived in motels all his life. LA was homeless living under a overpass in Covington for a year as a 22 years old. Foster kid.... yeah. It was very eye opening to me. Quite the contrast to Triple Crown-- multi million dollar homes... golf course... yeah. Our area is just wee bit different.

So lets just say we were PRAYING HARDCORE they would stand up the church and search people for money.... BUT it all worked out. They behaved and we ended up having 6 people come to church. Emily Reddington brought her friend Sam we have been working with--- total grace. It was the fuinnest picture.... imagine a 5 ft 2 little lady in a bright yellow pleated spring skirt walking into Sacrament meeting 7 minutes late followed by 3 black men and 2 white sketchy men.... Elder Mower said they were following in like my little ducks!! haha!!! It was a dream come true. They turned out to be really nice. they took smoke breaks between each block but they participated!!! haha!! 

A tender mercy though I was shaking pretty bad- think I was a bit in chock- during sacrament... but as I continued to pray bit by bit I began to calm. My body was filled with peace and I felt my faith was as solid as a rock. I could not sit in my seat any longer. I bore my testimony-- that the worth of every soul was great in the sight of God. That I KNOW God is real. That he protects us. I am so grateful for that scary but faith invigorating experience. I feel revitalized. I know it was exactly what I needed. If we don't take no for an answer... if we push even when we don't see any results.. that's when the magic happens. 

We also had an amazing Zone meeting. We felt impressed to focus on prayer with our zone. Sister King and I created an activity. The whole church was an obstacle course! we blindfolded them and took them to rooms-- their only instruction was "If you don't know what to do, pray." We did not guide them unless they fell to their knees and prayed. There were many tears (By gpa's definition is success ;) The obstacle course led through the gym (volleyball nets up-- chairs, tables, string-- they hand to crawl a lot... and finished at the accordion wall-- where we made a slide with a table (one legs up the other legs down) and they had to climb up chairs and slide in the chapel. Where they watched "The Atonement and Missionary work" we ended with a testimony meeting. IT WAS SO EPIC!!!! 

I just know that all things happen for a reason!! I am so excited to put my shoulder to the wheel and go hardcore in my new area!! There are people to find and strengthen. To be led to the waters of baptism. 4 months to change the WORLD!!!! :)

Love your Sister WATTS!!!!! :)

Got caught in the rain!

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