Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hoosiers, Meth and Trains... Oh my!


I am not in Kansas anymore!! haha!
I have been transferred to Miracle Muncie!! I am training a new Sister Training Leader and we are over 2 zones.... yeah. Kinda something to get adjusted too! 

My companion.... wow. She is an answer to prayers. She has helped me gain a  whole new outlook on the work and we just follow the spirit ALL day!!! So cool. So many miracles. Her name is Sister Dunford. She grew up in Nazereth Pennsylvania!! and we love all the same things... pretty cool!

One of the first things I was told about Muncie is that someone was making meth in the local Walmart bathroom. Yeah. Isnt that comical?? :) It was kinda a rocky beginning! A little different than Kentucky... haha! 

Our home is a little house across the street from an abandoned Factory... but we have a backyard??? cool huh?? The place has one door. and zero closets... and its the best!! But anywho! our house smelled like sewage all last transfer so the landlady started to drill holes in the walls and stuff. they keep finding problems so- we spent one night sleepin on the floor of one of our sisters apartments- My first time I studied at our house was.... Saturday.... maybe... Yeah! So we lived out of our car! BUT our house doesnt smell anymore!! WOOT WOOT!! :) 

We are over 2 sets of Sisters- one in each zone-- each set have their own challenges already... and it is actually pretty exciting! One set lives over 30 minutes away.... their zone extends about 2 hours south of us so its quite the area span. I love being a Sister Training Leader- I love listening to Sister's hearts and hardships and be able through the spirit to direct them. To help them see beyond their current perspective. It is crazy how widespead depression is-- I wonder why Missions trigger it so much. IT does-- but at the same time-- we are doing the best work in the whole entire world!!!

So There are so many miracles this week... Our time was almost halved between blitzing our sisters areas (both companionships in their area) and meetings but God really consecrated our efforts for the good of our area. We both dont know the area much at all so the spirit really was able to direct us... One time Sister Dunford felt she needed to pull into a gas station... we start walking. we talked to this wonderful black lady-- not interested... funny lady. and we cross the street towards our car and we saw a family playing in their backyard. The thought to talk to them came to my mind... "But they're in their backyard!" but the spirit literally propelled my body forward out words in my mouth and i asked for directions somewhere- which led to new investigators!! Woot woot!! 

We felt like we needed to go see Erica... We walk to the door- she comes out in tears- on the phone with 911. Perfect timing. We prayed. we talked about God and how he loves us and protects us. It was remarkable. He is so aware of each of us. 

This week has taught me I can do hard things. That as I act on every generous thought- miracles happen. It is awkward but it is exhilarating. I feel so new! I feel like this week has been a huge repentence week for me-- back to the little things. Dismissing everything that was distracting me from heeding the whispers of the spirit. 

I love my mission. I love being able to look at someone, not knowing them at all but knowing exactly what to say. know how they feel. and how much God loves them. This is really a once in a lifetime experience. 

I love you family. I love Heavenly Father. He sends us to situations to learn. to serve others. Always look for those that need your talents and gifts. 

Sister Watts

My Last Pictures from Florence, KY

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