Monday, June 8, 2015

Snot, Donuts and Grace

Hey there my darling, wonderful, fantastic Family!!!

Happy Cuzin's Kamp week! Can't believe it's already been a year since last camp!! I pray you will feel my spirit (and the Holy Ghost...) this week with you at the cabin!!

SO I have some things I want to share!!!

1. I got sick last monday. I started the Saturday before just aches and such. On monday I went over to the Pratts to cut my hair off and the longer I sat on the chair- I was getting more dizzy and nauseous--- you know that empty airy pukey feeling you feel when you're about to pass out?? yeah. so finally I had to say "Hey Sister Pratt can I go lay down??" They put a blankey over me and let me be.... and then I started shaking really bad. I knew I was feverish but then I could stop... and it was going on for a long time... and I got scared and started crying (Me and my tears... geez! I was half way coherent so don't judge ;)). Sister Pratt and Dunford came into the room and started calling for Brother Chiara to come and give me a blessing.... the next thing I know I hear Brother Chiara ask for some Olive oil... him consecrating it for the blessing of the Sick and Afflicted. Pressure of his hand on my head. My body still shaking. The only words that my brain computed was "By your faith in Jesus Christ you will be healed." Long story short, my shaking dissipated within an hour and I was able to travel to Cincy for Mission Leadership Council that night. President asked me to sleep in... (no arguments there ;) and by the end of the day my only bother was a stuffy nose and cough. My rallying cry whenever my body was protesting throughout the day was "by your faith in Christ- YOU SHALL BE HEALED!!!" I KNOW the Priesthood of God has been restored again on the earth. I have been healed not only physically but emotionally and spiritually under its power. I am so grateful for the Pratts and Chiaras... Another lesson I learned was the power of womanhood. Sister Chiara sat by me and placed her hand on my back- thats all. rubbed my back a bit- but that simple action filled me with comfort. I can still feel it when I think of it. It just filled my SOUL!!! It is indescribable-- I know God loves me. He sends people in my path everyday to confirm it. 

2. Oh! another Tender mercy was on friday-- (up until this point in the week we had a full day down in Cincy for MLC tuesday, planning 2 zone meetings, facilitating 2 zone meetings and exchanges... no biggie) so needless to say we were a bit brainfried and behind on our weekly goals.... and we felt like we needed to go to Yorktown... nothing was turning. on our way back to the car to drive home we saw this old man. Ray Solace. He was on a rolly chair with a shovel trying to get up excess dirt and grass on his driveway- at 84 years old it was quite the task. WE asked to help and he let us!!!! It was the biggest gift from Heavenly Father. I just really needed to do some service. The minute you ask to serve someone- the spirit sinks into your heart and makes you feel AWESOME!! So we did the job quickly, in our dresses- love it! and asked to come back and teach him- he accepts. and asked if we could pray with him. He struggled to hear throughout this experience, so I am not quite sure he heard my words as I prayed but as we looked up and gestured our hand forth to shake his hand- there were tears in his eyes.Ray Solace was my grace for this week.

3. Speaking of Zone meetings-- as we were planning the meeting on Thursday for Muncie South zone- both Sister D and I were treading water- working hardcore to stay awake (still recovering form sickness) and we came straight from our other zone meeting that morning. So trying to plan another was reaching my limits haha!! BUT after I just sat there for a minute the story of the Donuts and the Atonement came into my mind. THATS IT!!! We needed to teach humility-- what would be better then having someone do 160 pushups so everyone can have a donuts!! It was a remarkable experience. We had quite the discussion to whom we needed to offer the opportunity to do these push ups... we chose Elder Bosworth. Still in training and I think he is a little shorter than I am at 5 2'. 

SO we offer each missionary a donut- and in order to recieve one E. Bosworth had to do 10 pushups. Guys... he did it. about half way through he began to tremble... each time he lowered his body he shook. he continued. he falls to his knees. again. again. again. Tears lined my eyes and he falls to his knees again. He is sweating, all red- the spirit filled the room. I couldn't help but think of Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane-- filled with pain. paying the price for each of us individually. Even when the missionary rejected the donut-- E. Bosworth pays for the unwanted donut. I know we can pass through this life with, or without Christ but HE has already paid the price for each pain, weakness, struggle-- It is up to us to make it mean something.

As E. Bosworth bore his testimony at the conclusion of the meeting he shared his experience. When he got the call from the Zone Leaders and was asked to do 160 pushups- he began praying. He prayed all day he could accomplish it-- "I can barely do 20 in the morning when I try..." Each time he was asked to do another 10 he thought of the Savior and his sacrifice. He was strengthened. He accomplished his task!! I SO BELIEVE IN GRACE!!!! We do all we can and we are strengthened through it all. I am so grateful for that experience. I know Christ suffered for each one of us so he can succor us in our afflictions.

4. Lastly- (Im about out of time so i will be brief) Our lesson with Patrick-- we've been teaching him for a whiile now-- not progressing.... choosing to sleep instead of coming to church- he works nights. SO we were super bold with him- taught him the book of mormon lesson. Randomly he tells us that the image of 2 pictures came to his mind. Pictures that hung on his mother's wall when he was a child. One was of Christ-- she always had a lamp underneath the painting to illuminate it all day and night. He said it was bizarre it popped into his head- hadnt thought of it in forever. We didnt get it either-- then we turned the page to start reading 1 nephi and there it is. The same picture of Christ that hung on his wall as a child was in his copy of the Book of Mormon. You should have seen his face. You should have felt the feeling in the room. God is so involved in our lives-- Patrick was prepared for over 40 years to be taught about the Book of Mormon. The spirit is real- he teaches us, and brings things to our remembrance. Patrick didnt come to church again- but I know without a doubt He will one day. and he will be baptized IF he chooses. He already testifies the Book of Mormon is true. God is good.

I love you family. Miracles are happening. God has prepared the elect and we are called to gather them. Please lift where you stand-- make a list of all those in your stewardship-- ponder and pray what their next step is to get closer to Christ- help them get there. God will guide. God will inspire you to know what to do. You have a specific and important part to play in his Hasten of the Work. The Gathering of Israel.

Sister Watts

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